Mean and nasty Dems discuss their nasty campaign

As much as what Dems say is irrelevant, I can’t resist calling out some of these statements.

The two campaigns had a meeting at Harvard to discuss the election and results. Whoa, Dems are drinking nasty juice. I always called vodka mean juice but there is something worse, Democrats’ talking points.

They never miss an opportunity to play the race card. If anyone made this election about race, it was Democrats, from the beginning to the last day. No, it continues on.


Clinton adviser Mandy Grunwald said the Trump campaign had operated in the world of “dark arts.” As an example, she flashed the final issue of the National Enquirer, essentially describing Clinton as a corrupt criminal who should be thrown in jail.

“I don’t think you guys give yourself enough credit for the negative campaign you ran,” Grunwald said. “I think it was an incredibly effective negative campaign, and you guys don’t get credit for it.”

“Dark arts,” nothing vaguely sinister about all their name-calling, is there? How about Dems’ dark arts of smear and illusion? (with some help) Apparently she missed all the negative media/press coverage about Trump and his campaign. But Trump’s campaign doesn’t get enough credit for actually winning.

Dems favorite word is Dark. Everything Dems do is dark. They labeled the Republican convention “dark” while their convention was mired in scandal before it began. DWS had to resign…. but then she was hired immediately by Hillary. Surprise. Talk about narratives? Even Hillary’s campaign was a scandal.

Over the course of the two-day conference, the Clinton team attributed their general election loss to a myriad of factors. They said they faced huge headwinds within the electorate because of the strong desire for change: “We underestimated the force of that wind of change,” Mook said.

“Underestimated” the force of change” — ya think? Clinton ran on tailwinds of more of the same. Headwinds won, thank God. We didn’t underestimate the force of Hillary and Obama’s WH. Can’t say they did not try everything in their corrupt arsenal.

Then they went all out nuclear blaming the FBI and Comey for throwing the election to Republicans.

Clinton advisers also blamed unfair media coverage — noting that it was a struggle every day to get Clinton’s message to break through in a media environment dominated by Trump.

Hillary Clinton went 275 days without a press conference. Is that someone being denied media coverage?

“What hurt us was (the Trump campaign) coming after her or the press picking at us,” Palmieri said.

Press was picking at Hillary’s campaign, really? Where and when was that? They did attack Trump 24/7 and it continues. What alternative reality they live in.

6 comments on “Mean and nasty Dems discuss their nasty campaign

  1. drrik says:

    They ran a campaign of creating a demagogue for the last four months and campaigning against the artificial horrible person that they tried to portray Trump to be. They were so effective that the majority of the Democrats became convinced that this is who Trump is, which is why they had such again hard time with the loss.
    They got sold on the idea that he is Satan.
    Hilarious that most of the Trump attributes thst horrified them are actually demonstrably owned by Hillary and or her minions.
    Now they have bought in to the idea so passionately after 4 months that to let go of it would leave them with awareness of their own corrupted value system.
    No place for a virtuous protagonist to be. They have no way to let go.

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    • Bullright says:

      So true, Exactly right, they ran against the Frankenstein they created. More like a straw man that mean boogie man. They can never let go and face it. That would be way too painful, and requires honesty. They are in a box of their own creation. LOL

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  2. Just Gene says:

    Saw a study a few years ago that said the majority of people would rather stay wrong than admit they were wrong.

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  3. Just Gene says:

    A river of tears!

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  4. Peppermint says:

    Ditto what drrik said!

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