Obama’s faulty “radar screen”

CNN tried to help Obama explain his legacy in an interview with Fareed Zakaria.

Rise of ISIS surprised Obama

“The ability of ISIL[sic] to not just mass inside of Syria, but then to initiate major land offensives that took Mosul, for example, that was not on my intelligence radar screen,” Obama told Zakaria.

Oops, cleanup in isle one. Anyone would have to ask “what the hell else was not on your intelligence radar screen? And why the hell wasn’t it?” Not Fareed.

But don’t expect his sycophant media darlings to breach that deep subject with him. It was similar to his statement that his big error was not having a “day after plan” for Libya. He drops these assertions then….silence.

We know at the very same time his intelligence radar was failing, he was dismissing the threat of the ISIS caliphate by calling them a JV team, making excuses for them, and instructing us that they are not Islamic. Or he was engaged in arguing against people — lecturing us on — using the term “radical Islamic terrorism.” He was lecturing Christians about the Crusades and our lack of love. Most of which he took great pleasure in.

What was going on there besides his malfunctioning radar screen? It was that he embarked on a misinformation campaign about it all. It seems to reveal he did know but was in denial and trying to deceive us about it. Obama’s fellow travelers were also busy saying that our real threat was not from ISIS — and their vast network of sympathizers — but from “homegrown,”white Christian terrorism. Aka “Look over there, don’t look at Islam.

That was all part of Obama’s misinformation campaign he rolled out on America while the Commander-in-Chief’s radar screen was supposedly on the fritz.

So he didn’t know or realize the threat of “ISIL” in real time. Normally he has to find out things from the media, first, and then be reminded while discussing his legacy.

Obama parses the damage by explaining it this way:

“Have we been flawless in the execution of what is a complicated policy in the region? Absolutely not. I think flawless is not available when it comes to foreign policy or the presidency, at least with mere mortals like me at the helm,” he told Zakaria. “But have we made, I think, the best decisions that were available to us, at each stage? The answer is yes.” – more

Still he claims to have made the best decisions… at each stage, even with a radar malfunction. Is he contemptible? Now we are being lectured about fake news stories.

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7 comments on “Obama’s faulty “radar screen”

  1. Just Gene says:

    “Is he contemptible?” – waaaaay beyond that!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hardnox says:

    Nah… he’s none of those. He’s just a whiny skinny leftist punk that refuses to take responsibility for anything because the dog ate his homework. In short, he’s just a garden variety typical lefty asshole.

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  3. Bullright says:

    From BO productions…

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  4. Peppermint says:

    I didn’t realize that O had any intelligence or a radar screen. Nice way for him to NOT take responsibility for his stupidity and his lack of courage to do what needed to be done. He is contemptible in every way possible. I can’t wait until he’s no longer prez in 42 days and we get a real leader for a change.

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    • Bullright says:

      I was waiting for someone to say what radar screen? He couldn’t care less. As Laura Ingraham said, he is still on a campus protesting and organizing. He is still at Harvard, never left. He’ll never change either.



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