Those messy Trump voters

That would be a better title for Van Jones’ self-serving documentary on Trump voters. He tries to explain Trump voters to America — who made him an expert on the subject?

Van Jones called it “The Messy Truth”. He talks to Trump voters like they are aliens from Mars. He mockingly uses them for a sounding board. Even when trying to cover up their arrogance, they can’t help bathing in elitism.

Red State:

Just what we’ve all been waiting for Van Jones is going to explain Trump voters to us. In a new CNN series entitled, “The Messy Truth”, Jones attempts to understand those who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

Yes. They made a TV Show about this.

I got tired of just sitting on the CNN set, talking about Donald Trump voters.

So, days before the 2016 election, I decided to fly into a battleground state — and talk to them.

I visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where a major battle was fought in America’s Civil War. I wanted to know one thing: Are we on the verge of another civil war?


One of his best tales is that he went out pre-election and talked to these Trump people. I’m sure.(Not) Considering they all thought Hillary would win it makes no sense.

Here is Van Jones, the guy who’s election night rant called it a “whitelash” against a black president, now a self-anointed expert on the species. What this is about is defining Trump voters. Apparently he has no need to define the Hillary voters.

Of course he doesn’t retract his whitelash comment, which went viral election night. Since they won, he now only needs to define them. I thought we defined ourselves during the election. The truth is a lot messier for Van Jones than he thinks.

5 comments on “Those messy Trump voters

  1. Hardnox says:

    “I wanted to know one thing: Are we on the verge of another civil war?”

    Yes, because we’ve had it with your anti-American shit.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    So this racist, hating, bigot thinks he can figure us out. Well forget about it you POS! We don’t need your commentary.

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