Little people’s info doesn’t matter

This is to all the people who have had their personal information hacked, stolen, pilfered or used by foreign state hackers. My sympathies to you. (including anyone who worked for the federal government.) You’ve been used and abused in more than one way.

Now we know the real truth. Your privacy, security and personal information mean nothing to Obama’s administration or even Congress. Let’s be honest, you are not Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, or the DNC. Your shit doesn’t matter — only theirs does.

They proved this with the hacking narrative they and the media have elevated to the top national security issue. Obama called for an investigation of Russia on the election.

When did they call for an investigation, let alone consequences, for those who did the hacking of all that government and personal information? Where is that national debate and outrage? Where is all the media coverage about it? Where are the demands to do something? They didn’t want to acknowledge the story or comment on it when the hacks happened. Where is the CIA and FBI reports, and 17 intelligence agencies? — MIA

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14 comments on “Little people’s info doesn’t matter

  1. Peppermint says:

    Great post Bull. You are so right. And besides that “little people” don’t matter at all about anything as has been shown by the attempts to turn our votes around by the elite.

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  2. drrik says:

    Seems like, of all of the unconstitutional things that the federal government does, they could at least be excused were they to take on the duty of protecting Americans from cyber attacks and identity theft. Part of that being “secure in their papers and homes’ and all. The federal government could actually be protective of a constitutional right, instead of continually infringing.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    LOL! Yeah the Russians did everything. I imagine they are also causing the seas to rise and the sun to disappear. The moon never comes out any longer. The arctic ice is melting. Our babies are getting colic from the Russians. Our dogs start to bite because of the Russians. And Obama became stupid because the Russians made him that way.

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