Obama Exits To Go Nowhere

So what do you call a Farewell Address when you don’t actually leave? Just asking.

No, it’s not a trick question.

Obama has said he is sticking around Washington and not going anywhere, and may be frequently speaking out. Yet he had the need to have a farewell address.

Do traitors make a farewell address now? Times, they are a changin’ I think. What if Benedict Arnold had got to make a farewell address. What would he would have said? Would it top Obama’s self-centered soliloquy? He even quoted a fictional character.

I’ve already heard now that Obama — the great orator he is was — is leaving, we won’t hear anything like this for a long time. I sure hope not, or ever hear BS piled that high.

His exit is just as radical as his two terms in office was. He’s not leaving, you morons out there drinking Obama juice. He’s ousted from the Oval Office — not gone.

Lay off the stuff… it will kill you if it doesn’t eat you from the inside first.

Not gone, not forgotten… just ____________ (there)

RightRing | Bullright

7 comments on “Obama Exits To Go Nowhere

  1. Sickens me to think he will still be around speaking out, same as Clintons, they had their day, they stuffed and ripped off America, they all should be gone, better still all be in Jail.

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    • Bullright says:

      Indeed, so right. That would be the best place for them. Instead they will be in the worst place possible. And they aren’t even shy about saying it. The kicker is they claim it is for our good, to help, they are sticking around. Like all those grateful people in Haiti. Sickens me too. .

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  2. drrik says:

    The Donald is Obama’s legacy.
    Without Zippy hanging around pontificating and criticizing, people will again forget and start sliding away towards the stated lib-prog gials, forgetting that the lib-prog methods bring bad results.
    His persistent criticizing and reading his teleprompter badly will be the gift that keeps on giving.
    He will be a gadfly that continues to stir things up and makes people remember why Trump was necessary.
    His monotone presence will ensure a 2 term president.

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    • Bullright says:

      He is the proverbial bad example that made all this change necessary and possible. Pepp tells me he is now even claiming credit for Trump. What a gift to the sewer of American politics.


  3. Peppermint says:

    Well, I had to get my puke bucket out after you told me what O said. No he’s not going anywhere but ready to carp at Trump every inch of the way. But I think people will get sick of it. They are tired of this crap of the fake news, like CNN, and others always pulling fake news out of their butts. It will be no different for O. He will carp about things that most Americans have been hoping for like jobs, energy regs taken off, Ocare being done away with.

    He had his time for “hope and change”. All he gave us was NO hope and his change was nothing more than making American a sewer hole with all kinds of criminals and Muslims flowing in here.

    I say tata Obama and do let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.

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  4. Peppermint says:

    I keep the buckets close all the time. LOL!

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