Unwelcome sign to Obama from golf course

Obama snubbed by golf course.

‘Not Welcome’: Members at DC country club take swing at Obama over Israel stance

Members at an exclusive Washington-area country club think President Obama is a real duffer when it comes to foreign policy – and the fairway furor could cost him one option for a post-presidency home course.

Though it’s unclear whether the outgoing president would even seek membership there, some at the Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Md., are preemptively trying to keep Obama out of the predominantly Jewish club amid complaints about his stance on Israel, according to reports. The members have sent a barrage of emails to club President Barry Forman and General Manager Brian Pizzimenti saying Obama is “not welcome.”

The pushback stems from Obama’s decision last month not to have the U.S. veto a U.N. Security Council resolution criticizing Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and from Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech two days later accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of undermining the possibility of a two-state solution.


Obama, how’s that BDS thing working out “fore” you , Barry?

See you on the back nine. Oh, that’s right, no I won’t. Get you some of that boycott.

7 comments on “Unwelcome sign to Obama from golf course

  1. Peppermint says:

    Ha, ha. So the old Jew hater duffer BO won’t be welcome at one of the prestigious golf courses! Good. He’ll have to find another one. And I bet it really butt hurts him over this since he considers himself the greatest creature on God’s earth. How dare they throw out this ego-maniac narcissist.

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