Media Showdown and conventional history meets metaphor

CNN runs a special called “The End” as Fox starts a daily show called “first 100 days.” Does anything highlight the contrast more than that? The beginning and the end.

On one hand Liberals are in mourning. They look back at radical nostalgia ending while the rest of us, thinking people, are in mourning for what Obama has done to this country.

Conservatives, Republicans, and normal people look forward to Trump coming in to fix some of the many problems — created or magnified by Obama, called accomplishments.

This brings up another thought nicely illustrated by that photo of Obama visiting the Henry Ford Museum, sitting on the bus Rosa Parks rode on. (look it up here )

The picture shows Obama sitting alone on an empty bus from a bygone era, which was famous for what took place on it. Namely Rosa Parks making her stand for civil rights and changing or challenging culture. That was the picture. But it is also a powerful metaphor for Obama and his legacy. Let’s see how much mileage I can get out of it? None of this applies to Rosa Parks but to Obama, who is caught in the nostalgia of it all.

In the end, Obama seems to be alone, surrounded by his failed legacy, staring out a window seemingly oblivious to what all took place. He wanted a coveted spot in the public and he got it. He started off wanting to “fundamentally change” America and our perception of it, only to himself become the chief symbol for what is rotten in Washington. In effect, there was a backfire, like those old buses were prone to do.

Then the big one. Obama’s finale of two terms and his legacy gets derailed and replaced by the newer Trump Train — a popular uprising of disgust from the people. They have had enough, finally, and sent a messenger to demonstrate their conviction. They beat back the status quo rules and establishment to get there. A David vs. Goliath story.

Obama argued that this movement, or man now leading it, was unqualified and ill-suited for the job, and not to be trusted. Trump deserved no seat and his movement was to be blacklisted by putting every label on it the left could, including racist. That further fueled resentment and resistance to the self-serving establishment — government run amuck.

After it all, there sits Obama alone on an empty bus staring outward. Alone on his own bus. He will now have to single-handedly defend his legacy, with help from his allies. But he is the only one who could make the case for his radical legacy. All the others will be just cheerleaders. He now leads his parade of one to secure and protect his legacy.

A moment of history illustrated, metaphorically, by a simple photo of Obama sitting on Rosa Parks’ bus in a dated backdrop. Obama rode on the past racial history to propel himself. He extorted every circumstance to usher in his radicalism as America’s cure, rather than the disease. How’s that for milking a metaphor? (more could be said)

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3 comments on “Media Showdown and conventional history meets metaphor

  1. drrik says:

    He is alone on the bus because he threw every single supporter under it. His legacy is one of self hate. Indeed, with his competing intetnal cultural paradigms, he was left with no internal compass, no guidance, no way to be true to himself without be betraying himself. As a mixed race child in multiple world’s and cultures he was always the outsider. Rejected in most of the environments he grew up in and without any present worthwhile male role models that didn’t abuse him, small wonder he ended up like he did. Doesn’t justify his actions but it makes them understandable, if not predictable.
    And some deplorable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bullright says:

      LMAO.”internal cultural paradigms” 😉 I’ll take that category for 10 trillion, Alex..

      He would not recognize truth. Yes, it does explain some things…alot of things. Plus his penchant for making all the wrong choices.


  2. Peppermint says:

    The last thing I’d be interested in is watching CNN’s “The End”. I’m looking forward not backwards to the pain and misery of the BO administration.

    If libtards want to keep mourning so be it. They can continue in their whining and crying to no avail. No one cares. I mean us average normal Americans who want to go back to the Constitution and the rule of law.

    Those pictures of Obama sitting alone on that bus are hilarious and like you said he can sit alone with his legacy and the few radical, rancid commies who loved it.



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