Protest to Protest and F-bombs

Media swivels on its head like the exorcist movie to cover the “massive protests” going on everywhere and “all over the world.”

Before they get too full of themselves, just listen and no one knows exactly what they are protesting. (I think we know it is basically anti–Trump) Actions of a man who was just sworn in, when they organized protests weeks before.

Funny how they describe the “energy” of the protest march as infectious but failed to read the energy levels of the election, even in blue states.

Nevertheless, leave it to CNN in their breaking news coverage on protests, the anchor said: “Oh, Madonna is speaking … we HAVE to go to Madonna.” (just have to go there)

Madonna said welcome to the “revolution of love” before listing off reasons she is upset. Then to saying F-U not once, not twice but three times before they cut it off. She got the trifecta. Not even a voice-over when it happened. “Revolution of Love” to F-bomb?

What is wrong with that? Throwing to Madonna live at a campaign rally, what did they think she was going to say? What happened to media’s concerns about young children listening, at the protest or on TV, being offended by hearing that language?

Yet they did not cut it on the first F-bomb, or the second, but the third F-bomb.

11 comments on “Protest to Protest and F-bombs

  1. Peppermint says:

    What does the F word have to do with “love”? So CNN is up to its’ usual tricks. Anything new about that? They just epitomize the hypocrisy of the left that they actually care about children, which they DON’T.

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  2. the unit says:

    I didn’t watch all that protest stuff yesterday. Retired but busy with yard maintenance work at home. Caught glimpses of it coming in for a drink occasionally. Y’all lucky. 🙂 But oh brother did I know it was going on! I have to deal with loved one who voted for a beast. Yesterday had to listen to some invective comment from time to time about how the world hates Trump. See y’all luckier than ole me. 🙂
    Laughed a few weeks ago about a L.A. Times story on how this election was disturbing home relationships. How silly I thought! Now after ignoring it, it’s coming home to roost.
    I wasn’t ready yesterday to handle this. Saying about the protesters “You can’t fix stupid” didn’t go over well as loved one assumed that carried over to them.
    If it continues on today I’ve decided to just ask…Do you want to be identified with those vulgar worldwide protesters? Knowing my loved one I don’t think so…I think I think!
    Hoping for the best. Wish me luck.

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  3. Brian says:

    madona is an ignorant foul mouthed skank that should donate some of her $500 million dollars
    to all those repressed woman who are crying like babies for No reason,

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