Stuff A Sock In It Media

One basic rule for Trump should be: if a question is on a matter pending further investigation, then NO comment or answer should be given. When in Rome….

Don’t like that? Then take it up with Obama. No comment was the widely accepted and understood gold standard for the last 8 yrs. Why change policy now?

Since they have most of Trump’s first three weeks and campaign under investigation, well, suck an egg media. You want investigations? Fine, then you cannot have both.

While we are on the subject, Supreme Court nominees do not have to answer a question on something that may come before the High Court in the future. It’s the standard, stupid.

So all those questions about Russia and Russophobia, take a hike media. Besides the narrative is getting a little old. And questions relating to Trump’s campaign? That was the campaign, we’ve all moved on. We’re past the campaign now, do try to keep up.

I actually heard a CNN anchor say that Trump should never reply to something with “I won the election.” Wasn’t that Obama’s popular tag line? They didn’t complain then. Let’s face it, they don’t want Trump to have any answers to questions because they will fill in all the blanks just fine by themselves. They already do anyway.

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6 comments on “Stuff A Sock In It Media

  1. Peppermint says:

    Also Trump or anyone who gets called into these bogus investigations should just say, “with the advice of my attorney, blah blah, just like Lois Lerner did and she never went to jail.

    They could also say like Obama did, “I just knew of it like the rest of you when I read the paper this morning.”

    Russia is just a straw man as it always was. There’s no Russian connection.

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  2. drrik says:

    Middle America became irrelevant to most of D.C. and the media for the past 8 years. What a pleasant surprise to find the feeling reciprocated.

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