Defending the Indefensible

I’m almost amused by the political dialogue — to use the term loosely — of the left these days but if one thing sums it up, it would be defending the indefensible.

They apply those talents to Obamacare. What is there to defend? It is a total mess even for doctors and healthcare professionals, and prices are going through the roof. But if anyone can defend that it would be Democrats or the liberal left. Calling that a success is sort of like calling the burnig of Rome a strategic victory.

It isn’t the only place they’ve applied their expertise.They defend Obama’s sham legacy, his leading from behind foreign policy. He doubled the national debt….. “winning!”

Finally, Trump has taken the opportunity to say he was left a big mess all over. That was a strange way of securing Obama’s legacy. Now that Trump elegantly points that out, shrieks come from thhe heckler section. Dare he say that? Mess is an understatement.

Remember Obama’s doctrine was “don’t do stupid shit!” Apparently they didn’t follow their own doctrine. Unless fertilized evil was their idea of smart?

The Democrat party is in a scorched-earth campaign to deny the effects of the last 8 years, and to defend the entire scandalous, evil hole called Obama’s legacy. But it was a pretty big giveaway how bad it is when their biggest claim was Obama had a scandal-free administration for eight years. And Valerie Jarrett echoed that across liberaldom.

Leading from behind and “don’t do stupid shit” being pillars of that tenure. If it looks like and quacks like a duck, guess what? It ain’t a pig. Besides, there isn’t enough lipstick to cover this mess. But who’s trying? How quick their perspective changed from a yellow brick road under a rainbow; to a black plague in every corner with red-alert problems everywhere, just as he leaves. They can complain about leadership now.

On one hand they’ll be defending, on the other they’ll be condemning everything, everywhere. Their hope and change turned to Mope and Complain.

RightRing | Bullright

4 comments on “Defending the Indefensible

  1. Excellent, when Trump finishes cleaning up Obama’s mess and getting America back on track, send him over here, we have one hell of a Dickhead as Prime Minister.
    If you have personal contact with Trump, could you ask him a personal favor, Nuke Mecca and Medina please.

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    • Bullright says:

      LOL if we could just put it in a can. He might be in high demand with the amount of dumbass going on. Alright, I don’t but, I take it those requests are not in any particular order, At this point who’s picky? Wish you luck on that one getting underway. ,Nothing like some po’ed aggrieved Ausies, is there?

      I think he has his hands full here. But the bright side is now we know there is a saturation level to every swamp — despite the swamp gas.


  2. Peppermint says:

    “Mope and Complain”! Excellent. Great article Bull. The left lives in an alternative world and we all know it except them. They think they’re puling the wool over our eyes but it’s way too late for that. On top of all you mentioned, the left doesn’t care either where the hell Obama was on the night of Benghazi. Once again, he keeps his evil self out of sight, no one knows where he was, but that doesn’t matter to the left. I still want to know.

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    • Bullright says:

      That’s it Pepp, its just alternative time for everything now. Weird how media switched their positions on a dime in record time. Now they’re vampires out for blood.

      Exactly we waited four years and still want to know. But no one asks him. What a total lack of conscience. CNN has’t told him where he was,. People should have been protesting and chanting outside his SpiteHouse for year chanting that question. But it wouldn’t matter their whole network protects him.



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