Chuck Schumer unhinged….and unapologetic

Schumer makes news for verbally attacking a woman, who voted for Trump. Rush had the details.

Sen. Chuck Schumer creates a scene at a restaurant berating a woman who voted for Trump. But not just any woman and not jut any restaurant. He kept telling her Trump is a liar, how could you vote for him?

Remember when you were a kid your parents told you “now don’t make a scene”? Well, Chuck missed that lesson. Politics, you know.

Like Rush said, these people are not right. There is something very wrong.

Nice going, Schmucko!
Somewhere there is a mirror laughing its ass off, with Schumer’s face stained into it.

I guess Schumer has Uncivil Rights.

4 comments on “Chuck Schumer unhinged….and unapologetic

  1. Peppermint says:

    When I first read this story, I thought to myself that Schumer has gone over the edge. His failure and the demorats of taking down Trump have failed miserably so far. And now the Russian hacking story is falling apart.

    The Schmuck is making a total ass out of himself. I hope his voters take notice.

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