United Airlines operational memo

United Airlines ROE — rules of engagement for overbooked flights:

1)Rip selected passenger “volunteer” out of seat

2)Call it a re-accommodation

3)Blame victim for being uncooperative (as chosen victim)

4)Issue asinine statement from CEO to stand behind employees.
be sure to blame victim again in follow up statements.

Source pic

New UA mottos:

What seat?

Voluntary compliance is not an option.

We can seat you the easy way or the hard way

Fly the Friendly Skies… take your chances!

New and improved: Frequent Flier re-accommodation service

Special packages for S&M passengers

We offer accommodation, re-accommodation, and ‘nose bleed no seats’

Philosophy – consumer beware

“United” Airlines: we’ll rip you out of your paid-for seat for a UA hommie, whenever we want. We’re tight like that.

Frequent-Flier miles don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got a seat!

Imagine if that was a woman passenger who did not comply to an order… or a black woman getting dragged out like that? Gasp.


13 comments on “United Airlines operational memo

  1. Bullright says:

    What if they had the same process in other places, like major sports events etc.? So the venue is frequently overbooked, or oversold and when people show up and enter, kaboom. They would be told the stadium is going to re-accommodate them. Doesn’t seem like it would work too well. How would that work at say the Super Bowl?

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  2. Peppermint says:

    This was a PR nightmare for United. I hear they’ve lost billions in stocks now. This is the airline my adopted son in law flies for. I doubt it was him who did this. He’d never allow this to happen.

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    • Bullright says:

      Wow, that CEO took a hit just on the stupid way he handled it. But he thought he’d get through on blaming the passenger. Oh, that didn’t work. LOL CEO Munoz may get booted out. Wonder if he’ll be dragged off with a bloody lip. Sorry. In my dark humor way I laughed at them just dragging the guy out. Like whoa. lol What if they did that at retaraunts or stores?

      I hear he treats his employees real well. Except it is customers who pay the bills. Kind of dumb. His cred is now shot. Sorry, I can’t stop laughing….

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    • Bullright says:

      Pepp, worst of all the flight was going Chicago to Louisville, KY. Once again, is it the people or where they’re from? Try doing that to Celebs at LAX.– good luck there.

      Now that I think of it, if it were a Dem congressman I might have cheered them on.

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