Not illegal immigrant enough in LA

So now LA mayor Eric Garcetti is under fire from the ACLU for not doing enough to evade and deify the federal law. And it is over the legal aid support.

Washington Examiner

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti has created a new $10 million fund to help potential deportees get legal counsel. It’s a fine idea. But there is considerable rancor over the fact that convicted violent criminals, child abusers and human traffickers who face deportation are ineligible for help from the fund.

ACLU issued a statement to him:

Carmen Iguina, an attorney with ACLU of Southern California, argues the L.A. Justice Fund should be accessible to all immigrants, stating that everyone has the right to due process.
“We shouldn’t be saying that there are good and bad immigrants,” Iguina said.


ACLU wants all illegal criminals, convicts, felons, etc to have funds to defy and evade federal law. Why not? Even pro-illegal Garcetti is not anti-federal law enough for them.

So why then does one have to be an illegal to qualify?

6 comments on “Not illegal immigrant enough in LA

  1. drrik says:

    We shouldn’t be saying that there are good and bad apples. Purchasers should just assume the good intentions of those purveying the apples and pay without examining them.
    And pay.
    And pay.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    So Jerry Brown is begging Trump to bail CA out of it’s financial mess, but this mayor comes up with 10 million to give these criminal illegals defense funds?????????????

    And the rest of the country’s tax payers should pay for this? I think NOT!

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