The Trauma From Obama

As the media is all about analyzing Trump’s first hundred days with an accusatory eye, I thought it was time to take the temperature of the country. That’s putting it mildly.

I like the medical analogy with America as the patient. So we elected Obama, whether you want to look at that like contracting a chronic illness or severe injury is beside the point.

It’s more like we suffered some ailment that grew progressively worse over the 8 years Obama was in office. Not enough care or attention was given it; in fact it got none. Then, since the election, and more recently, we were treated to a parade of opposition.

I finally diagnosed into his second term that it seemed America was in Trauma — becoming a slave to its condition. You knew it wasn’t getting any better and watched it get worse. After the shock wore off there was still a lot of trauma. So “no drama Obama” caused a whole lot of trauma.

Right into Trump’s inauguration that Obama trauma continued. One thing I’ve learned from people who studied the subject is the body does not heal itself fully while it is in trauma. And if you know anything about x-rays, they cannot get real clear pictures of something with so much trauma around it.

So we had to shake off that trauma from Obama. Not easy. He had infected every part of the nation, from one end to the other, and divided the country by every measure possible. He also politicized about every part of government. No wonder we were in that state.

Even when Trump came into office, it was immediately obvious there were Obama loyalists, hangers on, and Deep State opposition almost everywhere. Leftists began a stampede of protests. Democrats promised to oppose anything and everything.

Yet here we were still a traumatized nation. reluctant to provide us any relief. Obama’s loyalists came out kicking the injury, reviving the pain at every opportunity. It’s hard for one to deny the state we were in under Obama. The first step would be to rid ourselves of the trauma to let healing begin.

However, can you really ever heal from something as traumatic as Obama’s legacy? I guess you would also have to talk to abuse victims to examine that part. And yes, it is possible to be in trauma while also being abused.

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3 comments on “The Trauma From Obama

  1. Peppermint says:

    Excellent post Bull! I like this very much.

    Yes indeed the country was traumatized during the Obama administration. Now we suffer from PTSD from that trauma.

    So now we are being traumatized once again by the left’s tactics to attempt to bring Trump down and he wants to have a country where we are not in trauma constantly.

    Abuse again! It’s a cycle of abuse that there seems to be no end. It’s going on 24/7 by Obama’s army of brown shirts who march and protest everything Trump does. They don’t have any idea what he’s doing, but gee it’s got to be bad right? It’s not Obama who they all adore. They weep at his feet. They want him to rescue us from the Hillary defeat.

    For those of us who felt as though we would have some peace and time to heal after all of this trauma there is none. Will there ever be any peace?

    We and the country remain in a constant state of trauma. Can one ever heal from all of this. I doubt it. It’s too much gone on for so long. You never recover from abuse that is constant and never ending. You just learn to cope. And our coping mechanisms are little.

    It’s like losing a child, you never get over it, you just cope but you are changed forever, never to return to yourself. A part of you is always missing. Your heart is so damaged there is no cure. Something in your life is always missing.

    Our country is changed forever. We thought we got it back, but that was not to be the case. We still have to fight and keep fighting but we are so weary from being in a constant state of trauma.

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    • Bullright says:

      I thought you might. I get alot of good source info, you know, from a therapist.I don’t dare name. Patient therapist confidentiality, you know. Good addition.

      Beautifully put, Pepp.



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