Hillary, blame is her middle name

Everyone has to have a reason, excuse for why Hillary Clinton lost the election. But for, but for. And at the top of the list is Hillary with an excuse a month, usually involving Russians. covert MI6 agents, Wikileaks. Now again in her Christiane Amanpour interview.

Clinton said about her all but guaranteed election: “it would have been a really big deal.” Then, somewhere along her trajectory of excuses, she added that “I was on my way to winning the election” on October 27th, when she was harpooned by Comey.

Now it’s a blame rich environment for Hillary.

So she comes out to blame Russia, Comey, Wiki spies and all those influences that tanked her otherwise “winning” campaign. Hillary’s latest incarnation has her almost popping champagne corks while Comey was reopening the investigation of her email scandal — which should have never been closed but for Comey trying to sweep her mess under the carpet and clear the deck for him and Loretta Lynch to control the Justice Department in Hillary’s administration.

I was just walking along, minding my business, “on my way to winning.”

Yet the NYT chain of events on Comey explains that there was an ongoing stealth investigation of Trump campaign whilst she grieved over her self-created email crisis. On the same day Comey exempted Hillary, on July 5, Steele’s dossier was delivered to the FBI. And she wants to talk about influences working against her? Apparently she missed or dismissed the wall of influence against Trump. The people did not have that luxury.

“He [Steele] provided the documents to an F.B.I. contact in Europe on the same day as Mr. Comey’s news conference about Mrs. Clinton.” – NYT

Let’s just call that coincidence how at the time Hillary is being unindicted, so to say, that the dossier was handed to the FBI. And that Hillary and Harry Reid both seemed to know the information in it early on, pushing for public revelation.

Hillary, “I take absolute personal responsibility,” for the loss of election. Yes, just like she took full responsibility for Benghazi, her private server, and emailgate etc. Not…ever!

Then she declared herself a member, albeit leader, of the Resistance. It’s what politicians do when an active movement forms, run out to lead the parade. Name it and claim it. And right, Hillary, it’s all about you — always was.

Now, in his first NYT op-ed, Bret Stephens replays the attitude of Hillary’s campaign showing that they were all too confident. We know Democrats always claim they are right, even when they are wrong. The more they are confronted, the more right they declare themselves. They cannot accept their degree of accuracy as 50 50, crapshoot odds. No, they are in dissent from reality.

Put it this way, it never seems Democrats suffer from a lack of confidence — either about winning or their misguided agenda. They seem to have unfettered faith that as long as they believe it is going to happen, it will. With the election, we heard for months that it was all Hillary’s. That is until election night when reality cast the final vote.

Blame, blame, you know my name….and you can read all about it in my new book.

RightRing | Bullright


4 comments on “Hillary, blame is her middle name

  1. drrik says:

    Not always right, but never in doubt.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peppermint says:

    Weary is thy name. HillBilly’s excuses are old, tired, and worn. So now she comes out as part of the “Resistance” with her own PAC to take down Trump. Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Trouble is she scorned herself with all of her nefarious and criminal acts. People just no longer trusted her and why should they? Her recent descent into the blame game has even got some dem/commies rolling their eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bullright says:

      That’s our only hope, Pepp, that the Dems will even purge her. But we still have Obama and it seems no one will push him aside, or shut his trap up. Maybe when he starts raking in all those millions they will ffinally get disgusted with him too?



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