Kathy Griffin: victim is thy name

Now Griffin is a victim? I wonder if she she’s associated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign?
I know, that’s a stupid question.


Kathy Griffin has hired high-powered attorney Lisa Bloom and will hold a press conference Friday to address the firestorm surrounding the viral image of herself holding the bloody, decapitated head of President Donald Trump and the “bullying” she claims she has endured at the hands of the Trump family as a result.

From celeb culprit to victim in 24 hours. Whew! I suppose next, after claiming the entire Trump family bullied her, she’ll demand an apology from the Trump family. I know what would be great, Kathy, if you could have Baron Trump apologize to you. What a freak.

Well, now we know what her New Year’s Eve act would have been like, if she wasn’t fired. Well, CNN can always rehire her in time. What an attention whore.

Addendum: I have a great idea for Victim Kathy. She should go after CNN for terminating her as part of a media harassment campaign. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


And when you lose Al Franken, you have really lost the left country. Franken had been running around associating himself with Griffin even saying he wouldn’t cancel an upcoming appearance with her.

Are you in luck, Kathy, it looks like you could have another bully person to go after. Al Franken, the perfect target.

Franken To Griffin: On Second Thought, It’s Best If You Just Skip My Book Event


“I believe what Kathy Griffin did was inappropriate and not something that should be anywhere in our national discourse. I consider her a friend and I’m glad she realized she crossed the line and apologized,” Franken said.

He added, “After hearing from many Minnesotans who were rightfully offended, I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be best for her not to participate in the event we had previously scheduled. I understand why Minnesotans were upset by this, and I take that very seriously.” [via Politico]

Wow, Kathy’s list of bullies is getting almost as long as Hillary’s. Congrats.

Check this out for someone claiming victim status. Note December date:

7 comments on “Kathy Griffin: victim is thy name

  1. Peppermint says:

    From TMZ
    Kathy Griffin‘s offensive against Donald Trump Friday apparently fell on deaf ears … because the only remaining venue that would allow her to perform has just pulled the plug.
    We’ve learned Kathy’s concert at the Uptown Theatre in Napa scheduled for June 17 has been canceled. This follows 6 other cancelations, including bergenPAC in New Jersey which canceled hours before Kathy’s news conference.
    The Uptown Theatre cancelation is especially significant because the decision was apparently made after she took the mic with her lawyer. The Uptown folks said on Wednesday the show would go on, but they clearly had a change of heart.
    And a view from this person in the comment section:
    Karma is a bitch. So is Kathy Griffin. In case you have not received the official memo, America is saying: Eat shit, Kathy. You deserve EVERYTHING negative that happens to you. Actions have consequences. It’s high time Liberal snowflakes.like you learn this.
    ME: I think she is nothing more than a publicity whore. STFU Griffin. You’ve had it.

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    • Bullright says:

      Thanks for that update. Seems she may have some free time on her hands…to apply toward her art. But see that last PS I posted above. Wow, she actually thought about and schemed this since, well, December. It’s right there in her own words…. and ironically attacking Baron. She’s a victim, who’s she going to sue?


    • Bullright says:

      Oh and Pepp, let’s see NSA bug her phone and surveil her, see if she cares then. Who are all the old white guys she is talking about? Maybe at those clubs.

      PS: so she’ll be home New Year’s Eve drinking koolaid saying “that should be me up there, making an ass out of myself.”


  2. I’m confused… Al Franken thinks there is a ‘line’? (Twilight Zone)

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  3. […] Kathy Griffin: victim is thy name […]



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