ISIS connects to London terrorism attack

No Compromise’: Islamic State Supporters Celebrate London Attack on Social Media


Islamic State supporters are celebrating the recent terrorist attack on London, England, distributing propaganda images via their social media channels calling for “no compromise.”

The propaganda image depicts the silhouette of a man with a knife against the backdrop of a burning Tower Bridge (Tower Bridge, located close to London Bridge, is often confused with the latter — ISIS’s propagandists appear to have made the same mistake).


3 comments on “ISIS connects to London terrorism attack

  1. Peppermint says:

    Too bad they can get away with these postings on Twitter. I heard that Twitter made a statement that they have over 4000 accounts suspended due to this type of thing. But I doubt it. They tend to suspend ppl who criticize Islamic terrorists instead. Shame on Twitter.

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  2. […] ISIS connects to London terrorism attack  […]



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