Don’t give me an M-e-g-y-n

The wandering little Megyn Kelly got her debut “exclusive” interview with Putin and she coined a new standard: Premiere Failure.

The Horn News

Six months and $20 million later, Kelly debuted her much anticipated news magazine show Saturday Night with Megyn Kelly on June 4th — and critics were not impressed.

“Megyn Kelly off to rough start with NBC show’s premiere,” wrote Newsday, who called Kelly “overwhelmed” by Russian President Vladimir Putin during their one-on-one interview. Their final assessment? “Bottom line: Rough launch for Megyn Kelly, but score one for Vladimir Putin.”

First of all, she is notorious for not living up to her hype. (and by now she is the only one still hyping herself) So the Megyn ‘parade of one’ struck out on getting anything of value from a Putin interview. Or maybe it was really her debut in comedy?

The crazy part is that libs were mad at her for other reasons too. And you know how libs get when they are mad at someone. They are offended that she and NBC gave Putin a platform. “Why?” is all they keep saying. Then not to learn a thing by the exercise. She managed to tick off liberals and those on the right, in the know.

She’s in that sweet spot where everyone is hating her — and she did it without putting makeup on a mocked severed head acting like a jihadi. She really blew it. Can she recover? Well, who cares anyway?

The Premiere Failure of Megyn Kelly, does have sort of a ring to it. Scratch world leaders and dignitaries off her list. Should Kathy Griffin be her next interview? It might register more than a yawn. Besides Griffin, Megyn is the undisputed Queen of Fail for the week.
(they both need therapy — both are extreme publicity hounds)

5 comments on “Don’t give me an M-e-g-y-n

  1. Hardnox says:

    I did a post on this at N&F. Watching Putin bitch slap her was a beautiful thing. “get her a pill…”. Bwhahahahhaha

    Seriously, her asking about Russian involvement into our elections was childish and ridiculous. I guess she expected him to spill the beans and explain how he and DJT are buds or something. Maybe hoping for a gotcha answer from a former KGB Colonel. Sure.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    Even though she failed miserably with Putin, she has another show scheduled for this weekend. I suppose NBC believes ppl love to see failure, boring talk, and rubbish. Oh, yeah, that’s right, they do. Putin was the star of that show. Must have made her really angry since she touts herself as the “big me”.

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