Conflicted Nation

Starting with the Trump investigation debacle — basically to retry the campaign and election — we have all the players in position. What do we end up with?

Mueller – conflict; Rosenstein – conflict, Comey – conflict; McCabe – conflicted. But the issue at the forefront in this carousel of conflicts is deciding if Trump obstructed justice? How’s that for a very sick joke? Sorry. it isn’t. No crime… but plenty of ripe conflicts.

Actually, Mueller should never have even accepted the job since a main focus seemed to be the firing of James Comey, which made him a key witness.(a priority of Comey’s to be at the center) On top of all those conflicts, we have all the political conflicts.

Well, the election never ended and the Deep State is still casting their ballots, daily. We have conflicts everywhere with a conflicted, biased media to selectively cover it. Just wait till they get to the Constitutional conflicts.They’re still creating them.

Now we have a nation of conflicts.

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5 comments on “Conflicted Nation

  1. Hardnox says:

    In the end the Left/UniParty cabal will lose. Trump won’t quit. Meanwhile, the lemmings listening to th e phony propoganda will become more unglued.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    The only reason we have a “conflicted” nation is because the dems/commies won’t accept anything else but their goals of Marxism, globalism, climate change hoax and all the money they make on these goals. They’ve become unreasonable and rabidly violent. There is no meeting of the middle between them and us.

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