Otto’s prescient statement

At his graduation in 213, years before what would be a life sentence in N Korea, Otto Warmbier delivered this almost prophetic remark in the text of his speech.

I wish there was a way to know that you were in the “good old days” before you actually left them.” – quoting a TV series “Office” character, Bernard –Otto Warmbier


But there is no doubt we were not in “the good old days” for the last 8 years, We even knew it at the time. It was not nostalgia. There can be no glamorizing or revising it now.

It was not the best of times. Indeed, it was the worst of times. Not just for Otto Warmbier, but for hundreds of millions of people. In retrospect, Otto is a martyr of America now. RIP

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3 comments on “Otto’s prescient statement

  1. Peppermint says:

    Otto was a true thinker. I feel so sad for what happened to him. May he rest in the greatest peace with our Lord.

    Truth is we have not been the country were were way back when I was a kid. During those times, we didn’t have Commies running all over the U.S openly. Actually they were condemned back then.

    We didn’t have Muslims trying to invade our country and change our life to their will.

    We had patriotic parades. American flags flew everywhere and nobody complained. Prayers were allowed in schools and the Koran was not taught. Talk about a double standard!

    I wish sometimes we could go back to those times, but it’s not to be. I want my country back the way it used to be.

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    • Bullright says:

      Amen, you said a mouthful. Otto was a huge reminder. They haven’t changed but we have. Now, the commies think they have a mandate. Where that came from I don’t know.


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