Having An Emotional Fit

This would be laughable under most circumstances….except that it was the most important presidential election in decades. Well, Libs don’t disappoint in their effort to emotionalize their reactions to the election — as only they can emotionalize.

So CNN had this article, including clips of voicemails from election dissenters. Here is just one gem from a woman who complained she had to take off her Bernie bumper stickers because of fears. Afraid too, to even go back to rejoin her family. Oh the pain and humiliation of it all. She said this:

“I finally had to take the Bernie bumper sticker off my car,” Gibbens continued in her voicemail. “I almost got rear-ended at an exit coming off the freeway. I mean just harassment because I had a Bernie sticker on my car. It’s really ugly. It leaves us scared because there’s so many people who seem more emboldened to be bullies.”

Scary because so many people seem emboldened to be bullies? Could that be those bullies on the Left? No she isn’t talking about the real bullies. How about weaponized bullies?

The article goes on to apply psychoanalysis to their emotional meltdown. As I said, it would be funny, except they are serious. Of course this is just as dangerous as the psychiatrists desperately trying to diagnose Trump from their clinical armchairs. And just as fruitful.

Paula Niedenthal, a psychology professor, opined on the caller:

“There’s this anxiety about being exposed. You have a bumper sticker, it’s almost like having a Green Bay Packers sticker and being in Texas.”

Yes, it’s every bit that bad in another way. How can therapists so easily identify with these nuts? Yes they do need real psychological help, but not because of the results of the election or because Trump won and is president. But could it be because of their very deep expectations that Hillary was going to win or, indeed, that she already did win?

There was no room for doubt. Then they were crushed when their beliefs didn’t comport with actual results. ‘How could this be?’ ‘We all said she would win…what happened, what went wrong? This cannot be happening. I won’t believe it! I won’t accept it!’

You can almost hear those internal deliberations echoing in their vulnerable brain cells. Could it just be that their expectations ran so far ahead of the truth that they could not possibly handle an alternate result? Isn’t that what elections are: a verdict, a final decision from the people? How can one know in advance, or be so sure, of the election?

It seems they had so much invested in their outcome. Even Hillary was so invested, literally in the preferred outcome, along with her backers and donors that there was no room for a different outcome. The amount of money riding on it alone was huge. But of course that would be hard to accept. They did it to themselves. Republicans, on the other hand, were tasked to believe the exact opposite before the election: no way, no how was it possible to win. What with the Democrat machine, their blue wall, illegal vote and all. Now, after the fact, Republicans are supposed to be apologetic for the results. Really. The only acceptable reaction to the left is for us to apologize for winning, and to deconstruct it.

Democrats are so far in denial that they have no options but to dissent from reality. Of course there is nothing acceptable to the left with what has happened since election.

It is worth looking at the piece (here) and listen to the voicemails.

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7 comments on “Having An Emotional Fit

  1. drrik says:

    People vested in the mentality of being a victim cannot give up that view without seriously destabilizing their view of themselves and their position in the world. Means that they are responsible for their own problems. Many would commit violence or even die rather than acknowledge that.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    Oh cry me a river. I’m so sick of these whining and cry baby liberals.

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  3. I would have to call BS on that caller:
    “I almost got rear-ended at an exit… …because I had a Bernie sticker on my car.”
    Well hey lady – so you did NOT get rear-ended. And it is so typical that a lib would purport to know what is on the mind of everyone around them. How on earth does she come up with this tale other than through paranoid delusions?

    “It’s really ugly. It leaves us scared…” It is after all US -vs- THEM :/
    “…because there’s so many people who seem more emboldened to be bullies.” The emboldened bullies were born of the Clinton campaign. How many Blogging Twitfacers were so high-and-mighty in their delusion of the done-deal; Hillary as supreme fearless leader. I was so sick of their stick-up-the-butt attitudes I would have voted for a grilled cheese sandwich if I knew it would see that those arrogant so-n-sos would be deprived of the victory they had digested and excreted well before it had ever been served up.

    If this election was lost due to interference by anyone it was by the bullies on the left. Call a bully a bully to their face (especially with their posse standing by) they are not going down without a fight. That’s not a bumper sticker on her car it is a chip on her shoulder. Only an idiot lives their life going around knocking off chips. However, we know for a fact, the world is full of idiots. If you have a chip on your shoulder I know exactly what you are; you don’t know me from Adam.

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    • Bullright says:

      Ha and that grilled cheese could have stood a good chance, especially in Wisconsin. BTW, did she have something against cheese heads? LOL You’re right on the mark. That;s good, a Bernie bumbper sticker is a sign of a chip on the shoulder. That;s good .

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  4. […] Having An Emotional Fit […]



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