One flew over the Kremlin in 2016

I’m posting this as an op-ed opinion piece. – for educational and informational purposes.

So I have no personal commentary on or about it for now. Perhaps it deserves a reasoned response, perhaps it speaks for itself and the author?

(since I’ve seriously dabbled on all things Russia for years, I don’t rule it out)

You decide what to make of it.

How the GOP became the party of Putin

Hot Air [excerpt]

“How did the party of Ronald Reagan’s moral clarity morph into that of Donald Trump’s moral vacuity? Russia’s intelligence operatives are among the world’s best. I believe they made a keen study of the American political scene and realized that, during the Obama years, the conservative movement had become ripe for manipulation. Long gone was its principled opposition to the “evil empire.” What was left was an intellectually and morally desiccated carcass populated by con artists, opportunists, entertainers and grifters operating massively profitable book publishers, radio empires, websites, and a TV network whose stock-in-trade are not ideas but resentments.

If a political officer at the Russian Embassy in Washington visited the zoo that is the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, they’d see a “movement” that embraces a ludicrous performance artist like Milo Yiannopoulos as some sort of intellectual heavyweight. When conservative bloggers are willing to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars from Malaysia’s authoritarian government to launch a smear campaign against a democratic opposition leader they know nothing about, how much of a jump is it to line up and defend what at the very least was attempted collusion on the part of a brain-dead dauphin like Donald Trump Jr.?

Surveying this lamentable scene, why wouldn’t Russia try to “turn” the American right, whose ethical rot necessarily precedes its rank unscrupulousness?”

James Kirchick Posted at 9:00 pm on July 19, 2017

Posted at Hot Air (I’m sure there will be commentary there – from larger Politico)

6 comments on “One flew over the Kremlin in 2016

  1. Hardnox says:

    I’m not buying it. Most conservatives view Russia as the enemy remembering the cold war days. Since the collapse of the USSR Yeltsin was the only friendly Russian leader. Putin was a KGB Colonel who rose through the ranks and is basically a thug and is known to have blood on his hands.

    If any party or political operatives have been manipulated it has been the Left in the USA specifically the Democrats. Review the actions of Batears. It’s not until the Russians hacked the DNC servers and Hillary’s servers did Russia fall from grace. Mind you, for releasing what we already suspected.

    The American Left has always been chumps for the Russians.

    The Russia, Russia, Russia narrative is nothing with regards to Trump. Never has, never will, but it’s all the Left and the NeverTrumpers have.

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    • Bullright says:

      Hear hear, I agree completely. That has not been and never was a thing. Still isn’t. Even Buchanan didn’t sign off on Russia as he asserted. The left has always been soft on Russia. Teddy-Andropov proved that.

      When president Gumby wrote them a blank check, they grabbed it. Obama is the one that invited them into Syria. The Left has serious problems with their narrative. It doesn’t add up. .


  2. Peppermint says:

    Oh please, the author of this ridiculous piece needs to be horse whipped

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  3. […] One flew over the Kremlin in 2016 […]


  4. […] One flew over the Kremlin in 2016 […]



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