Obama to Russia with fear

Report: Obama Admin Feared Retaliation if It Responded to Russian Interference

Obama team warned in 2014 about Russian cyber, disinformation campaigns

BY: Paul Crookston | August 14, 2017
Free Beacon

U.S. intelligence officials were frustrated with the Obama administration’s response to Russia’s cyber espionage and disinformation campaigns to disrupt Western democracies, arguing the administration’s reluctance to respond more forcefully stemmed from fear of Russian retaliation.

More than a dozen current and former national security officials from across the government told Politico how ineffective the White House and key agencies were in authorizing counter measures against Russian interference. Those officials said that responses such as shutting down suspected Russian intelligence sites or taking counter-intelligence action never went anywhere due to administrative roadblocks.

“[Intelligence officials] had a list of things they could never get the signoffs on,” one official said. “The truth is, nobody wanted to piss off the Russians.”


And now they cannot piss off the Russians enough, which was the objective when he was leaving office. Now they complain? But if he had another chance he’d do the same, or less. Well, that’s a whole lot of witnesses there, Gumby. He stretched that rubber band as far as he could. He promised Putin and Russia flexibility. Russia collected.

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