Washington, Media Cabal of Chaos

They are in a tizzy. Let’s look at the media. They say there is a false equivalency here and that there is/can be no moral equivalency with White Supremacists and Nazis.

First, Trump was not making a direct moral equivalency. But he suggested violence on both sides. Now then, the left’s great equivalency argument.

If they hate any moral equivalence, then why is the Left drawing a moral equivalence of KKK, Nazis, racists with Trump and his entire base? Why can they freely apply an equivalence by comparing and associating Trump with racists or white supremacists?

Now the Left (et al), including antifa, will apply these same protest tactics to anything tied to Trump they can — as if they are racist terrorists. There is a rally planned next week in Arizona. My bet is the Left is staging a major protest for that. They want to apply the same public hatred and resentment against supremacists at the moment, , onto Trump. Get it? Yeah, I smell what the radical left is cooking.

The media has called on any high level Trump administration officials to quit in a show of separation with Trump over his latest statements on Charlottesville. So they want to see mass resignations in the administration. If they can’t directly oust Trump at the moment, they want to shame Trump’s advisers and team into abandoning him. It is now a real part of their anti-Trump strategy. It is disturbing how this is pushed by mainstream media and CNN . This is not a few low-level rogue leftists.

As Trump shut down the manufacturing and business councils, this was one more shot at Trump. It all happens when Trump is on vacation. The left has been ramping up pressure against Trump for months. They want to turn public opinion against Trump when he is on vacation, and undermine support for his agenda. It really is how they think.

I’m calling this a back-door coup. Trump goes out the front door on vacation, and the left tries to storm the back door in a coup d’etat. That is by driving distance between administration officials and Trump. No, it is not going to work like that. But getting any resignation would be useful against Trump. They hoped for a mass show of opposition to Trump. That would set the table for Congress when they return.

Screw America and the people’s agenda, all that matters is the Left’s agenda.

All to show ‘no confidence in Trump,’ of course. Imagine if they did anything like that to Obama? The left wants to drive public opinion/sentiment down so that he cannot carry out anything. Dysfunction is the Left’s best friend. On a regular basis you can turn on news to hear them question if there is any public confidence at all for Trump? I know, but this is what they are doing. Then they pose the old fitness for office question to bolster the argument for the 25th Amendment.

Their latest useful item is Bob Corker’s criticism in questioning Trump’s competence, and stability, for office. Corker said Trump has not demonstrated that he understands the character of the nation. Get that? There is another trophy for the left to use in its war against Trump, along with criticism from McCain, Rubio, Kasich and now McConnell. The usual suspects. What can the left do with that? Just add it to their Russia boondoggle.

The American people are being screwed as usual, by the same people who have been doing it for years, but now on a different level. It’s on, a coup in motion against Trump.

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6 comments on “Washington, Media Cabal of Chaos

  1. drrik says:

    Antifa has to be ok because the left has pinned their future on them.
    No traction with Occupy.
    No traction with Russia.
    If Antifa is disavowed, then the Dems may as well sublet their space.
    No one who questions or criticizes the violence can be left alone.

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    • Bullright says:

      Ah ha, I don’t see any for rent signs yet. LOL Maybe that’s an oversight. LOL

      And they are very good at protecting their own, when push comes to shove. Always Allies. Ha ha Of course violence goes hand in hand with their message.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    “Corker said Trump has not demonstrated that he understands the character of the nation.”

    What hogwash from Corker. I think it’s the other way around. The RINOs like Corkscrew don’t understand Americans. He makes me sick.

    Unfortunately the attacks on Trump have left him with little support now on our side. He probably won’t be able to get another thing done except by EO.

    Congress is against him. It’s all been a convenient matter since the mess in Charlotteville to put the blame on Trump and use that as a means to further get rid of him and possibly impeach him. I don’t think there are enough Senators to save him from conviction if impeachment charges are brought against him.

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    • Bullright says:

      It’s a pity for someone like Corker, of all people. he just proves his true colors. It didn’t take that long and they seem to have everyone on board with them. I don’t get that.


  4. […] Washington, Media Cabal of Chaos […]


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