Vice Admiral relieved Pacific Fleet

Navy dismisses 7th Fleet commander after warship accidents


The commander of the Navy’s Asia-based 7th Fleet was dismissed Wednesday after a series of warship accidents raised questions about its operations in the Pacific.

A two-sentence statement issued by the Navy said Adm. Scott Swift, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, had relieved Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin “due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command.” Read

But he was already due to retire next month. I’m not buying one sacrificial scapegoat.

5 comments on “Vice Admiral relieved Pacific Fleet

  1. Peppermint says:

    I don’t buy it either. Something is going on and we just don’t know what it really is.

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    Ok, I’m not military, but I am in a USCG and Navy family. What my people are telling me is that , both for the Fitzgerald and the McCain, radar, CIC, watches would have been posted fore and aft and on the flying bridge 24/7. Why they were not at the time of the accident is a very, very serious question which deserved time and expertise to be investigated. It is too bad Commander Aucoin got sacked one month before his retirement, but I suppose the Navy had to send a message. But they need to just not stop there. Yes, this whole thing sounds extremely fishy. (Haha. Sorry about the pun.) Back to a more serious note —- there was significant loss of life here, and some of those sailors have not even been found as yet; one can only imagine how their families and loved ones must be feeling. Time for the US Navy and our government to stop playing games. C.H.

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    • Bullright says:

      Thanks interesting. I’ve seen where McCain was on regular patrol there for a long time too. Questions indeed. It travels with a sub normally too. So there is more to know.

      Yes, that loss of life and the families. One can just imagine, now again. It’s horrific. Thanks. I just hope we do hear something but may be some time.


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