CNN gets dose of Anthem reality

CNN’s David Axelrod does an interview with James Baker and jumps on the flag National Anthem protest ‘controversy'(everything is a controversy to CNN). But he doesn’t get the answer they wanted.

“There are plenty of ways that you can, that you can call into question some of the racism that may still exist in this country, but that’s the wrong way to do it,” Baker said, adding that being American used to be “the one thing” that unified people.

“You can’t tell me that not standing up for the National Anthem with your hand over your heart is not denigrating to the National Anthem or the flag… it is,” Baker told Axelrod.”

Right, don’t try to tell us this is not a disrespectful protest of the flag, National Anthem or America. Bozos. Now the left is too damn dumb to know what American dissent looks like. They just pretend it isn’t anti-America.

4 comments on “CNN gets dose of Anthem reality

  1. drrik says:

    72% of the country finds their protest is disrespecting the flag. The NFL and its supplicants don’t get to determine that it’s not disrespectful,any more than the confederate flag advocates get to determine that the confederate flag only symbolizes pride in heritage and family.

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    • Bullright says:

      True, among other things, we’ve become a co-opted nation. Our symbols are co-opted by a disgruntled few and that is just the way it is suppose to be w/ no pushback. But they’ve been hijacking America for some time.


  2. […] CNN gets dose of Anthem reality […]



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