NYT hires a new script writer

A brand new rosy-eyed columnist came on the NYT staff in September. She did an introduction interview with the paper’s radical staff and appears to be a perfect fit for them. Bowe Begdahl was not available.

Speaking about the future prospects of a Trump presidency, she wasted no time:

“Michelle Goldberg: Thank you so much! I couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel like Cinderella — which is not to compare the fantastic people at Slate, where I worked until now, to a wicked stepfamily. My first column is on Tuesday.”

Michelle: “Yeah, I think we’re learning that the Constitution may, in fact, be a suicide pact. It’s a source of constant astonishment to me that the country has handed over the means to destroy civilization on this planet to an unhinged lunatic who lost the popular vote and was installed with the aid of a hostile foreign power. It’s such an epic institutional failure that it calls everything we thought we knew about this country’s stability into question.”

That’s how you ace a job introduction. Leave it all on the editor’s desk.
Hit all the high points.

The Slime of record — paper most quoted by John McCain.

4 comments on “NYT hires a new script writer

  1. Oh, for pity’s sake – Cinderella? More like Sid Caesar.

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  2. drrik says:

    A Lynch mob wins the popular vote.
    Wouldn’t have to worry about that hostile foreign power and their alleged assistance if someone else hadn’t already sold her office and allowed them to purchase 20% of all of Amerca’s uranium production.

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  3. Peppermint says:

    She’s a perfect candidate for the NYSlime. So the Constitution is wrong and I guess being a Commie will fix it all. Yeah right. She’s nuts.

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  4. […] NYT hires a new script writer […]



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