Change of the Guard

The American media is up against a force it doesn’t understand or know how to fight. The two faces of this force are: Donald Trump and the American people.

So the mainstream media flails about because the same old strategies don’t work, which is more the problem.. Why is that?

Before, or up until now, they always had their bucketful of go-to tactics. They seem to be ineffective. That must be depressing for the left. Their media guard has met its match.

Of course there are a lot of reasons for this. But it has to start with who the two faces are that makes them such a formidable opponent for the left: Trump the outsider and the fed up people. Those two make an excellent team we have not seen before. Go down the list of things — political issues — and neither react or respond in a typical way, as the left’s victims normally do. That makes them unpredictable and a problem to the left.

That it only has taken this long for all this to become clear is another problem. Denial.

Everything the media and left say would tell you Trump is a scary person, so controversial, along with the mantra that he’s unfit for office. He doesn’t deserve an ounce of sympathy, the left will tell you. But be careful who and what we do give our sympathy to.

Here is the simplified problem with all this Trump-phobia (and they are phobic to the limit): the answers lie in our present reality and political culture.

This happens to be the turf where I live and breathe, at the intersection of culture and politics — throw religion and Christianity into the culture cocktail. So that is the terrain, my home, where a battle is raging. (though people will tell you its over and we lost) Now within this greater politics, in general, we have things labeled “controversial issues.” That does not surprise anyone. Look what the left calls controversial, as if they define what is controversial — basically anything they disagree with.

Within these issues are the politicians, many functioning as self-serving elitists. Add to that their better than thou attitudes prevalent today in politics. On so-called controversial issues they have focus-grouped, poll-tested solutions.(they call them solutions, I don’t) So they have talking points and politically correct scripts on all these issues — mostly to placate the left. Then this posturing leads them to things like “bipartisan” amnesty. The products are pushed as the gold standard. Then anyone must argue against that ‘standard,’ as if it were a real one. If anything is controversial they are. It’s a perception game.

Back to Trump as a different animal for them. What is different? Everything. You know those talking points about him that he thrives on controversy and all? Well, in business things are done differently, people must solve problems to improve. Businessmen tend to see them as challenges. They are not mere political fodder to bargain with.

Something else about Trump they say is he doesn’t have any political experience, he’s an outsider. Both of those are favorable to the people. Though he has executive business experience. (you know, something Obama did not have) He doesn’t have the experience navigating the swamp. Again, the people see that as a good thing. Yet he does have a toughness and fighting character to break through corruption norms rather than getting sucked into them. Even that is not the whole point.

One thing separates Trump from other politicians more than his resume. He built a campaign based on controversial issues. No, I’ll say that again because it is important: he made a campaign based, almost entirely, on these controversial issues. How unique?

Think of it, when other candidates are running from ‘controversial issues, he enlists them in the foundation of his campaign. Then talks about them. It’s a novel concept, unlike anything we’ve seen. Who would want to do that? No, he faces them and has positions that are not the same old status quo positions. Positions more like what people think about these things. He identifies with the American people.

Now, is it any wonder they would call him controversial? Why they’ve called us controversial if we hold these views. They’ve been marginalizing us. Unlike others, he wants to do something about them. If that makes him controversial, wanting to fix problems, then so be it. It makes us all controversial for supporting him.

Why should we be surprised at Trump being labeled as controversial? But it is not him that creates it all. Then how did it become controversial?

The problem is Trump did not run up the debt, or create the Iran deal or Nafta or trade deals. These are all controversies of Washington’s making. He didn’t create these but ran on fixing them. So why would he get the blame for all these problems? Contrast that with Obama. He came into office and left blaming George Bush for everything, even things he did. He made a career out of excuses. But he didn’t make a career of addressing them. No he mentioned them only as an exemption for himself.

There’s another favorite word of the left. It is distraction. They always point to any criticism of the left as a distraction. So, anything the left doesn’t like is labeled a distraction. Yeah, it’s an inconvenient distraction to their subverted agenda. But recently Chief of Staff Kelly gave an interview and was asked about Mueller’s investigation. He said it was a distraction from what was going on in the White House. Kelly used it in the correct sense. A distraction by design not by excuse. Liberals want it to disrupt Trump or prevent us from getting anything done. That is the point.

But in the left’s use of the term, they labeled everything that didn’t fit in their agenda “a distraction,” and controversial. Remember they also called any investigation into Obama’s administration a “manufactured scandal,” even Benghazi. Now they have manufactured an entire Russia scandal to hang on Trump. It’s laughable.

What is both controversial and a distraction is the left itself. And they see everything only in a political lens. A faulty one at that. Blame Trump for controversy?

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2 comments on “Change of the Guard

  1. drrik says:

    The mainstream media can only survive with closed ranks.
    Mega points and economic reward to the first denizen to break and start pitching to central America, instead of the libprogs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peppermint says:

    The MSM is dead to us.

    Liked by 1 person


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