I smell another DOJ, FBI rat

Rats are not jumping ship, they own the ship — embedded deep as they are. AG Chris Wray’s testimony talked about an IG investigation on the Clinton investigation.

Golly gee, there is one. A new deep state probe. Hopefully, it won’t get the same response another IG got over his report. It seems to me, they put a specific qualifier on this new IG investigation into if political bias played any roll in it, for a reason.

Why is it looking just for a political bias? “Improper political considerations.”

The setup seems clear to set a narrow scope to then say we looked and can’t verify any political bias influence. (they are professional snakes after all) Just saying. How about basing it on right and wrong, fairness, based on law, bias — not only verifiable political bias? These are the games Comey played, too.

They can clearly skew or deliberately blow an investigation without just leaving trails of political influence. It would be just as screwed up. Corruption doesn’t need a political marker. But dog and pony shows can be fun to watch.

People can be influenced by money, power, or their careers. Or they can be incompetent or intentionally incompetent. Corruption doesn’t have to be only motivated and biased by politics. And political bias could be harder to show. (Though this batch of scum does wear their politics on their sleeves and backsides)

Geesh, haven’t we seen or learned enough from the IRS targeting scandal? Even there they covered up and glossed over the political biases pretty well. How long did that take to come out? Just set the dial for expected outcome. Move along now.

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4 comments on “I smell another DOJ, FBI rat

  1. Peppermint says:

    That testimony by Wray stunk if you ask me. He would not answer to much of anything. And this IG, what is he really doing. Why can’t Wray turn over the FISA document when both Jordan and Goodlatte said he could? That really bothered me.

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  2. drrik says:

    STILL waiting for charges against the IRS for their unconstitutional behavior.

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