The whackos are whacked

Probably one thing makes me madder than anything else lately. (well I chuckle I don’t waste too much anger) It’s one constant, old theme.

Are you ready? It’s the left and Democrats telling us some things transcend party. Then there is Jones in Alabama saying time to put state ahead of politics. I think I heard Pelosi and Franken use that line. Pretty sad. Anytime they tell you something is over or above politics, laugh at them.

It joins a familiar refrain I see on social media, like this profile: “Independent moderate. Do not cater to either party.” So you go down their list and see all the hard left stuff they post or like. But non-partisan? Nothing can be further from the truth. Why bother lying?

Moderate is the new code word for liberal and proud of it, or progressive activist. Why they all have to try to keep the lie alive, I don’t know. I mean it gets old. So someone tells you they’re a moderate. They aren’t, they are a card carrying Bernie socialist.

Therein is the game: paint all progressive hard-left policies, and the supporters, as the middle of the road “mainstream.” (another word that irritates me) Enough with the anger purge. I feel so much better.


3 comments on “The whackos are whacked

  1. Peppermint says:

    I think we can just figure anyone who calls themselves a moderate is a hard left commie. They love to lie. Usually with these people you will never see them criticize the left. So there is the truth behind them.

    I’m glad you feel better getting your feelings out.

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    • Bullright says:

      That trail behind them can’t be hidden. I forgot the other one: this is not a right or left thing. Yes I’m having an extra cup of coffee now. Or Covfefe as they say. Hmm hmmm good…. and that ‘s what commie hacks are not.



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