Party hacks invade Alabama

Leave it to liberals and Progressives (socialists) to read all kinds of wild interpretations into Alabama’s election. It means this and it means that…a point or two difference.

Same old lies and exaggerations and deceptions. Another overreach for giddy Democrats. Though they think it represents a sea change or momentum shift? And then one against Trump, and one big boost for Democrats. Really.

But during the election they said it all about the sex accusations. A referendum. Now that it’s over, that’s all out the window to claim it was a huge, broad message. What hacks. And of course this after Mitch spent 30 million against him.

5 comments on “Party hacks invade Alabama

  1. Peppermint says:

    IMHO the dem/commie won because the commies got these women sexual claims out and some ppl did not trust him after that. This is the same thing they are now trying to do to Trump led once again by your idiot Gillabrand. Now Trump’s agenda is going to be near impossible to go forward. What a damn shame.

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  2. Hardnox says:

    Mitch, Chuck U, Ryan, and Pelosi are doing their happy dance. The UniParty agenda can stay on track and the fleecing of our treasury will continue.

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