Holder calls for protests against Trump

Some things defy words. So here is Exhibit A of the resistance – opposition operation. First, Eric Holder claims to represent the vast majority of Americans.

Then he goes all in on resist and sedition.

Since when does Eric Holder “speak on behalf of the vast majority of Americans”??? Who elected Holder? NO ONE! Not a single person went to a poll and voted for him, much less elected him.

Yet he is organizing calling for protests against a sitting president. Former AG calls for protests? Are these elitists or what? Who are the people that take marching orders from Eric Holder? Obamfiles are radicals, pure radicals.

4 comments on “Holder calls for protests against Trump

  1. drrik says:

    He is surrounded by Califiornicators. All he hears is unAmerican.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    Just who does Holder think he is anyway. The only Att:Gen to be held in contempt! When he calls for “peaceful” opposition, he knows the usual suspects will be out in the streets committing violence. He wants a blood bath.

    And he has some nerve saying he speaks for all Americans, a typical commie talking point. That really makes me angry when he says he speaks for us. No he doesn’t. He’s a radical Obama who has no say in what happens. But I guess he thinks he’s still the ATT:GEN. Message to Holder, go f–k yourself.

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    • Bullright says:

      I agree with your sentiments completely, especially the last. Amazing the contemptible jackass believes he speaks for anyone. Right the newspeak for riots is peaceful protests.



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