Dancing with the horns

Word of the day is ‘don’t mess with the horns.’ It seems Steve Bannon has now found himself the direct target of the horns. What he’ll do now is not clear.

What is clear though is not just his recieved blowback from his case of flap jaw about the Trump administration, but he also found himself distanced from the table at Breitbart and the financiers, the Mercer family.

The daughter, who now controls the stock in Brietbart, has severed ties with Bannon. The jury is out on the board and final decisions on Bannon’s fate there.

He is courting new investors for other ventures but Bannon’s bright days at Breitbart may be over. Funny what a national, public and personal feud with Trump will do. He and Roy Moore may be the big losers of the year.

What is the Bannon brand worth now, after getting a lesson on the subject from the brand master? Also not clear is if, like Comey, there is much shelf life without access to leak?

I’d say Steve has some rebuilding of his own to do.

Right Ring | Bullright

4 comments on “Dancing with the horns

  1. Bullright says:

    Michael Wolff should go back to interview Bannon again for a new book called “Fired and Furious: the Rise and Fall of Steve Bannon”.

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  2. Peppermint says:

    I think Bannon never thought about how the horn would be up his butt when he pulled this bad maneuver.

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