Media has got it. Let me be the first to coin the term Oprahitis. They went from Trump Derangement Syndrome straight to Oprahitis in a day.

They contracted the disease within just twenty-four hours and I don’t think there is a cure. The strain media got is particularly contagious. Then Stedman gives her a little boost by saying if the people wanted her to she would do it.

But I do hate to rain on the left’s little parade — no I don’t. The big fly in that dream is that the Left has all these pre-postured candidates. They are zealous of political turf.

They don’t just hand off to someone out of the political loop. They have so many others with vested interests. That could cause backlash and resentment among progressives.

Still, it is fun to watch them all contemplate the possibilities. But the entire Left from Hollywood to DC and media is in a frenzy about it at the moment.

Right Ring | Bullright

4 comments on “Oprahitis

  1. Peppermint says:

    It could be fun to watch that nomination process were Oprah to get in the race. Wow, the insults would be wonderful to watch as they all grapple for the prize.

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  2. drrik says:

    Two years ago Trump mentioned Oprah as a potential running mate.
    The Democrats and press responded that this was proof that Trump was incompetent and a joke as a candidate, that he would seriously consider her.


    • Bullright says:

      I don’t think that was 2 years ago when he mentioned her. I thought it was back in a prior possible run around 2000. Maybe I missed it.

      Funny though their criticism bites them.



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