Coulter Revolution or Revolution against Coulter?

Let’s look at Ann Coulter’s business model. Never mind her pro-against Trump stances.

Never Trumpers, they bailed on her somewhere in 2016 for not opposing Trump.

Liberals and San Fran leftists. have hated Coulter for years. But that was one thing that conservatives liked about her.

Liberals now cite Ann Coulter’s criticism of Trump as “he’s losing his base.” (They encourage her on, as a great Republican divider. She’s being used by the left)

Trump supporters have now had enough of her back and forth antics and bashing.

  • Media are all out against Ann calling her a crazy, fringy.
  • Many conservatives don’t like her demagoguery.
  • Moderate Republicans don’t like her.
  • The left despises her.

Best selling author of how many books?. But is it a sustainable business model?

Part of her business model seems to be built on this concept that one can turn on and off his/her support for say a president, as the mood fits daily. On today, off tomorrow.

If that is the model, then it seems safe to turn Ann off for now. She will always be there later, should you change your mind. Though that gets more complicated when people burn her books today. What would they do re-purchase them tomorrow? I don’t think so.

But it is doubtful that they will run to buy her next book  So with that factor in mind. I think she has run to the proverbial end of her business model. Or she has to think up a more outrageous or controversial  outline for another book. But what is more controversial than what she has done for the past year, to piss off nearly everyone in earshot?

I’m not betting against Coulter, just not betting on her right now.

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