Some Like It Rotten

Who are these people? With all the resistance and anti American sentiment coming full mainstream, it makes me wonder. We seem to mainly react to what they say and do.

The old myth is that there is some theoretical discussion of “common ground” to be had with the left. There isn’t. Their goals, to the extent leftists have permanent ones, is antithetical to what most Americans believe in.

This idea about discussion some people have is only an illusion. The big goal of the left is to shut down speech so who in the hell needs conversation? Then “dialogue” becomes only a perpetual list of demands. That state is where the Leftists want us to live.

In other words, subservient to their demands — not requests, not dialogue. There is no discussion to be had. If you can control speech of others, what is the purpose of discussion? It is more effective to control speech than a conversation.

Right Ring | Bullright

2 comments on “Some Like It Rotten

  1. Hardnox says:

    No discussion? That’s when the shooting starts.

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