Chaos is the currency

You know what is amazing to me is the volume of opposition to Trump, given what that opposition’s politics are. Something appears amiss.

You think I sound odd? I know we all accept the opposition for what it is. A telling signal: one of the Left’s chief complaints is that Trump has so much chaos.

Panneta said that Priebus recently told him that Trump uses chaos as political leverage. Well, yes. Maybe what they don’t like about him… and we do.

But face it, at the core leftists are radicals, I think they validated that. What comes from radicals? Chaos. And they have a problem with it, or with Trump functionally using chaos to his advantage? Go figure. So why should they have such a problem with either?

The left creates chaos as a byproduct of their agenda. But now we have a guy who can use chaos constructively to his advantage. That probably scares them. Actually that debugs their opposition and undermines their political strategy.

Look, it is very simple, we are fighting radicals and have been for some time. The normal conventional means did not cut it, certainly not efficiently. It requires some creative, unconventional means to effectively fight radicals, and win consistently. That is where Trump’s tactics come in nicely with our strategy. If it is one thing everyone agrees on, it is that Trump is unconventional. But I have not seen a more effective manager of chaos.

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