Stranger In My Country

How people feel outcasts in their own homeland.

Democrats, and progressives and academics of the left, love to trot out the analogous poem on the statue of liberty. In fact, they like to use the statue as an arbiter of the immigration debacle. Of course that fits with their whole imagery campaign, closely aligned with their propaganda about America. It was just a poem, after all, not a law as they suggest. Law is too much for Leftists to grasp. We know not everyone has innocent or righteous motives. People cannot afford to be that naïve. Believing that all people, even immigrants, should follow the parameters of US law is disconcerting to the Left.

The problem I have with it is the disingenuous lie of it all. “Progressives” stand on that premise that this borderless, open-door policy disguised as a statue in the harbor makes America into some ideal, altruistic society. That actually makes me sick. You know, with the rhetoric that securing the border is unAmerican,

I wonder why it is that we as civil law-abiding people, with generally good aspirations and dreams, are turned into second-class citizens in our own country right before our eyes? It does not seem fair or right. Increasingly, it is clear that their great admiration for those ideals interpreted from the Stature of Liberty do not apply to the citizens who are already here residing all across America. That would be crazy if it were not so.

Think of all the ways conservatives or apolitical people are told that their desires or opinions don’t matter. We are the problem not the solution. Our yearnings are dismissed as irrelevant. But if you are one of the swashbuckling invaders of the US, you are suddenly the intended target of the Statue’s message. You are the new chosen, even though you or I have no choice about it.

That is the idea. Progressives are turning these “immigrants,” or whatever term you want to use, into the privileged class. Then, the only question would be is if it is intentional or not? Naturally, I happen to believe it is.

But if regular American citizens want to internalize those ideals, why do those aspirations stop at waters edge – right at border’s edge? Why do noble attributes about downtrodden and huddled masses only apply to incoming, however they get here?

Maybe someone should inform any real immigrants, perhaps sometime during their naturalization studies, that those perks or aspirations end when you become a US citizen — i.e. an American. So that point at immigrating or transition (illegal status) is as good as it gets. After that you become the problem, the toxic US citizenry. Soon we may no longer be the American dream, we might be dreaming of America.,

Right Ring | Bullright

4 comments on “Stranger In My Country

  1. Hardnox says:

    Excellent essay.

    The lemmings on the left have been brainwashed into believing that illegal aliens and asylum seekers are noble groups which need special affection. The lemmings don’t realize that NWO elites are “playing” them in their attempt to change the demographics of the West simply for the long-term goal of eliminating political opposition and the looting of our treasuries.

    We all know that If these wannabe immigrants leaned to the right then the support for them would evaporate.

    Look at Europe. Their country loving nationalist groups are growing quickly as people have come to realize that inviting huge numbers of foreigners, who have no intention of becoming assimilated into their cultures, is a disaster. Now some countries are closing their borders and are eliminating immigration.

    Both here and abroad, the illegals, immigrants, and asylum seekers are venerated whereas the rights and needs of the citizenry are ignored. It’s insane.

    Note that back in the shithole counties of origin, the elite there are looting the treasuries and natural resources as quickly as possible without reinvestment into infrastructures. Venezuela is such an example. Ditto with Mexico.

    In the nutshell, the lemmings that embrace illegals, asylum seekers and refugees are nothing more than useful idiots in a grand chess game being played by the world’s elite.

    Immigration policy must be for the betterment of a nation and not as an accommodation of the immigrant. Thank God our President Trump understands this.

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    • Bullright says:

      Well said. And thanks. There is a certain insanity to it all, but that doesn’t bother leftists. Righto, being used they are. And now to here being used by the left. Strange for people who complain about slavery, isn’t it? Correct; if policy were just for the accommodation of immigrants’ desires, then it makes us a hostage to those foreign Marxist regimes. Great points. Thank goodness Trump has a bigger monkey wrench than theirs. LOL


  2. drrik says:

    The media, Hollywood, and the dysfunctional large cities try to convey that they are representative of the country.
    If that were true, Trump would not have been necessary.
    Or possible.

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