Celeb Marriage Headed for Annulment?

No, not one of those juicy, personal stories. Celebrity endorsement of Nike and Kap off to a rocky start? They barely said their vows. Well, let’s hope they were both smart enough to get a prenup before rushing off — just in case it is not what each hoped it would be.

How about media and the Left’s wannabe darling of protest, Colin Kaepernick. This one is just the truth about the left, media and their unwillingness to acknowledge reality. The latest Kaepernick caper with Nike lit the tentacles of their radical flames. It was a love story, too powerful to break. A jilted one turned protestor gets handsomely rewarded with a contract from a major sports sponsor. Cha ching. What could be wrong with that?


We now learn Colin Kaepernick is putting out his own line of shirts and Kaepernick gear that directly competes with his major merchandise contract with Nike. Great going on that agreement, Nike. The “Just do it and lose your ass” campaign.” Well, there’s a story media will have to put on its ignore list. Why?

Because the Nike marriage was such a powerful voice for perpetual protestors on the left. A romantic relationship supporting “social justice” and radicals, with a little shout to cop killing thrown in. Now a little something for himself on the side, too? Maybe it’s one of those open marriages. Since he screwed them over in short order for his own gain, proving how disloyal he is to anyone, that is something of no importance.

Come to think of it, he screwed the 49ers over too. Loyalty is so overrated.

“So what?” they will say, he is not into commitments.

Shows what the kind of Social Justice Kap supports — the screw you and love me justice league. But he seemed so committed. Say it isn’t so! Who cares?

Character only matters when Leftist media are attacking and smearing the character of someone on the right, even when they have to lie about it. They like open marriages.

Nike’s new logo — “Just Do It and Lose It.” Hey, what does the Kap do for you?

Ref: https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/kaepernick-got-wanted-nike-now-stabbing-back/


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