Double Standard Dems

What else does the left do well besides lie and demonize people? It creates their own double standard…..for virtually everything.

Alan Dershowitz makes that point an issue regarding Henry Ford. It should make a lot of people very uncomfortable. But it probably won’t disturb the left. After all they are home to so much of the anti-Semitism and the hatred today.

Here is an excerpt of his piece, you would have to read it.

Gatestone Institute

Ford devoted his life to two passions: making cars and demonizing Jews. When Hitler said, “I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration,” he wasn’t referring to his car manufacturing. He was referring to Ford’s anti-Semitic ideology that eventuated in the genocide of six million Jews. A large photograph of Ford was prominently displayed in Hitler’s office. The periodical Ford published weekly — The Dearborn Independent — was a polite version of the Nazi newspaper, Der Stürmer. It was circulated throughout the U.S. and around the world. – Alan Dershowitz

He’s right on his observation. I would take issue in part with the suggestions. It should be as widely acknowledged this part of Ford as well as the achievements.

However, I’m not sure banning one’s name for mention or public recognition is the answer. While the left is great for calls to ban or boycott things, I believe that is not the sole answer.

For instance, Luther was very anti-Semitic. as well.(another thing many people don’t realize) Does that mean everything he did must be dismissed and condemned for it?

In fairness, by his comments at the end, Dershowitz distanced himself from that total ban solution. He only posed the question regarding the double standard.

I’m sure you can find other patriots and heroes throughout history with a similar problem. Does one’s entire life get condemned for a certain view? Should it?


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