Mueller, Inquisitions and Thoughts

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Not much.

It has taken me this long to realize that the road still goes on ahead, longer and ever more challenging, but even more promising than ever. ©

How do you write when you’re feeling so wronged?

Let the G-force be with you, just not 5G.

With Trump now pushing for 5G technology, I went to look at the list of problems. Is 5G a good thing? Based on what I’ve seen reported, I have to say no. It comes down to 3 R’s: risks, radiation and reasons. Gee, there’s a whole lot to dislike.

If Mueller announced that he would not dump out his report while Trump was in Vietnam at a summit with Kim, then why was it allowed to float out there for a week and marinate as a possibility? How come he didn’t knock it down earlier?

Instead of that, Congress will be conducting an inquisition on Michael Cohen to try to distract Trump. Politics does not stop at waters edge, that’s now only where it starts.

The Year

Oh well, try giving this a listen – a year later.

Myles Kennedy, Year of the Tiger – 2/15/2018

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