Red Herrings and Karl roaming Rove

A few nights ago a very strange thing happened. I was listening to Karl Rove explain his version of political strategy and it lit my hair on fire. A lesson it was.

They were talking about the radical Big Green Plan. They talked about all the socialistic things it was pushing. Okay, so far. Then all the issues the Left is running on. Rove said if they were pushing all this stuff, we have to do more than just oppose it. We have to have our own plans on those issues and show how what we do is better. Sound like a plan?

Well, that is it. We have to develop plans on all theses issues and that is what we are going to talk about in 2020. Where do our issues come in? They don’t. We would be so busy responding to the free college tuition, Medicare for all, and big green agenda by making parallel plans that we couldn’t have time for anything else. So let them control the agenda and conversation? Wrong. The great Karl Rove. Some architect, huh?

And by the way, let’s remember that this is now 10 years at least that we’ve been talking about healthcare. Anyone else sick of talking about only healthcare? But then that is what happens once you politicize a sector of the economy. It is then up to political debate every election until the cows come home. Sorry, there won’t be any of those anymore.

Didn’t we just try that strategy with Ryan as speaker and we saw how well that went?

But there are a lot of Karl Roves out there. We have plenty of them more than willing to cede the conversation and entire debate to these arrogant radicals. So when would it be time for our agenda? Well, that time never comes because we are always busy talking about Democrats’ commie plans. Did that ever occur to these people like Rove?

It just makes me want to ask what the hell are you thinking, Rove?

Right Ring | Bullright

One comment on “Red Herrings and Karl roaming Rove

  1. Bullright says:

    Here is Karl Rove’s plan in a theme song “No Time”



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