Suddenly Socialists

Gee, we’ve only been talking about it for 15 years, against their denials, but now everyone is awakening to the fact that Democrats are suddenly socialists. You think?

We could have told everyone that even before the 2000 election, it might have helped Republicans out. But no, even they wouldn’t admit it or listen to us then.

Now we are faced with a full-fledged commie revolution and suddenly Democrats are Socialists. Wow, even now people won’t broad brush all Dems with the label. But if it walks like a socialist and talks like a socialist, guess what? It ain’t a Pastrami sandwich.

Even if possibly too late to respond correctly, some Republicans want to dust off and run the anti-socialist playbook now. The one pooh-pooed years ago. Though I have a news flash for them, in order to oppose it you have to know something about the people and ideology they espouse. You have to understand their strategy and tactics. But people are getting a crash course about the latter with Nancy’s band of musketeers.

The good news seems to be that even Dems don’t understand it all too well, even while endorsing it at the drop of a MAGA hat. They follow along but don’t know the whole agenda. So it is doubtful Dems are up to speed to defend it — like they normally do — when they are still trying to get up to speed with their own comrade movement.

Well, here are a few pointers because, unlike some Republicans, I have at least done some research. The first thing to know is that, like communism, it is both a political and an economic system merged together. And that is the idea, you cannot separate them. Sure they can try to call it “social justice” as a cute term. But the old guard that think they are just playing politics as usual would be dead wrong. Dems too have to update strategy.

The aim here, as Marx said, is to achieve socialized man. Whether they want to call that some social justice or not today means little to me. It is also a bit of a philosophical or extreme ideological system. That makes it a combination of all political and economic realms. But it also lays out as its concern the nature of humans. Now I could be misstating parts or misinterpreting a few things, but I don’t think so. (by much)

The problem with the left today is so often similar tactics are used from different, various groups toward their individual ends. Whatever works or succeeds with one organization can be duplicated in another — with anticipated results. It is easy for allies to cross apply rules and tactics among radicals on the left, it is encouraged. Sharing also brings them closer as allies into the same goals. In this case, Socialism. They even try to use winning Republican strategies like Tea Parties. All they care about are results.

The socialists and Leftists always saw it as a struggle or fight to overthrow the existing system. Now that fight has begun here whether we chose to realize it or not. The terms for that struggle are any means necessary. It’s a bit unfair attacking capitalism with economics and politics. We’ve seen how the Left has politically usurped almost everything in our social fabric. The gurus of Socialism have been successful at it. Now they forecast a complete political and economic transformation — takeover. They’ve done a job on the political part. That is not an election. So now they want to roll the economic system into their basket of political chaos. I fear that unless we understand the parameters we impose our own disadvantage. That is where I see us.

The youth which has become mesmorized, suddenly socialists don’t know or care much about the dynamics. It seems all that matters is what they want. How they can listen to all these angry socialists and be inspired by it is beyond my capability. Nor do they seem to care that once you bring down the system it is hard to return. Maybe the hard-line organizers do know but it only encourages them.

We do have one thing working against them. Look at Bernie’s rallies, and at the people out front surrounding him. Look at their faces. It’s clear to me this is the face of the commmie left, a lot like the old face. A great picture. They appear as defiant and angry as Bernie does. They aren’t the love peaceniks from years ago. They are people with an (political) agenda. Like those leaders in congress, they don’t really care what the rest of us rational people want. “Struggle” they call it; only with hammers and a steamroller.

Note: In case you haven’t already seen it, watch the video on the Brains Behind AOC, for a good primer on the Justice Democrats takeover agenda. They like actors.

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