What’s The Difference?

Let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning. Republicans are not always the best judge of Democrat candidates. Neither are Christians. Just saying. Think of Obama, Hilary, Biden, or even Jimmiy Carter for that matter. No, I don’t mean all Repubs.

Yes, some Republicans have voted for them all. The reasoning went something like this: “he/she is not that much different from Republicans, and could not be any worse.” In every case they were wrong. But there is no accountability for it. Just “oh well.”

Now I accept Republicans have not always offered the best presidential candidates either. And yes, there were some valid comparisons to be made in some cases. Yes, Republicans don’t offer perfect candidates.Those are valid arguments.

However, because Republicans aren’t perfect is a good reason to vote for a progressive candidate? There’s where they lose me. Things are similarly shaping up in Democrat primaries. Republicans look at them making stunning judgements, to me. They’ve already classified Klobuchar as a moderate. Some of that is being pushed by media too. And people have called Biden a moderate. Okay, do we really have to explain that Biden is no moderate? Neither was Hillary a moderate though some Republicans asserted it.

Right up to date that brings us to Pete Buttigieg. I’ve watched people make knee-jerk judgements that he is not so bad. His education may cover a multitude of flaws to some Republicans. Or his appearance makes them think he seems more traditional.

Others say Pete seems pretty harmless compared to some of the rest, like Kamala Harris or Bernie. There are a whole lot of uninformed opinions out there. Buttigieg’s father was an Antonio Gramsci fan, even heading up an apologetic organization supporting his views. He translated Gramsci’s works into English. Now anyone who has such devout Marxist beliefs, and sympathies, is bound to leave a legacy.

And that is where Pete comes in. So people think he seems moderate? Well, no you cannot find a long voting record to make a case because, after all, he was only a mayor in Indiana. Remember the problem with Obama was not a lengthy record unless you want to count voting present. He didn’t want the controversial votes on his record. And Buttigieg has no voting record to speak of. That makes it easy. But Obama did leave a plenty long trail of breadcrumbs. Not so for Pete. He kept it pretty, well, moderate looking.

Yet another guy from the influential McKinsey & Co leach pit, which s;slithered out Susan Rice or countless others who wound up in government positions. Part of the swamp’s incubation preserve with links to scandals or corruption. Rice was no slouch in that.

Slowly there are things coming out about Pete the squirm-worm. Now he takes a stand that buildings or places need renamed — like Jackson and even Jefferson. Yeah, we are hearing it. He just covers his anger and spew with a smile. Still think he seems moderate? Wait a while. I peg him for the sleeper commie.

The point is don’t trust others’ definitions of Democrat candidates. Don’t let it wear off on you either. It’s hell to wash off. But keep an eye out for sleepers.

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6 comments on “What’s The Difference?

  1. the unit says:

    Well er, kind like being able to wash off socialism after voting for it, as lately lots of comments have repeated about the remedy. 🙂

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