Fleecing Our Democracy

I get tired of how democrats always talk about our democracy as if it is some gold standard only they care about, which is etched in granite. But actually it is some gray matter where they can change rules and definitions at their convenience.

It’s rather ironic that they are the sole guardians and guarantors of it.

Early in the 2016 campaign, one of Trump’s chief criticisms that the system was rigged was not just a sound bite. At the same time he complained about it they were rigging and scheming the entire system. Hardly anything was out of reach or their will. They repeatedly trashed even their own rules to get the outcome they wanted. Even Bernie’s people saw it. But we didn’t then know how far they already had gone, or would yet go.

So it disturbs many of us when they talk about democracy on a pedestal. That is only the perception they want to sow in the public’s mind. Obviously, democracy means nothing to them, only power does. They don’t play by rules because rules are as flexible as their need and imagination.

They broke every precedent and “rule” they wanted in 2016 and no one was there to stop them. The collective conscience of Democrats does not exist.

We saw as well that conflicts of interest don’t exist for Democrats. They will even justify them. So when Joe Biden and his son created conflicts, it was only a figment of everyone’s imagination because they said so. If power is the main objective, then there are no rules, only what is necessary to achieve and use it – which is the whole point of it, to democrats. They cannot resist abusing power because that’s what it is there for.

They are masters at making excuses for the desecration of democracy as it gives them what they want. Usually the objective is more power — and more opportunities to abuse it.

Yet whenever we see one of those ridiculous protests the left churns out over something, their number one go to chant for a march or protest is: “This is what democracy looks like.” (Repeat x 10) The mental midgets of mobocracy believe it is democracy.

If what we see from the left is “democracy” then why would anyone want that? Sure, democracy is messy…. but it is not the pigsty, shithole that Democrats make of it. That is no gold standard for democracy. Fleecing democracy – and the people – is their expertise.

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