It’s Never Over With Hillary: a new standard

Hillary Clinton ended the practice of humble concessions: Goodwin

NY Post – Michael Goodwin

“The minute one effort failed, another began. The pressure on Electoral College electors to switch their votes was succeeded by special counsel Robert Mueller who was succeeded by Ukraine. The allegations changed, but the goal remained the same. And still does.

We can’t be sure what the next front in the war against Trump will be, only that there will be one. Look no further than the Dems’ bitter reaction to their defeat in the impeachment trial to know they still do not accept the results of 2016.

“The Senate turned away from truth and went along with a sham trial,” Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed Friday after his push for additional witnesses was defeated. He said Trump’s acquittal, expected to become final Wednesday, would be “meaningless” and “has no value.”

No value, except with reality and history — that is if they are still keeping the score.

“There was a trial, an extensive one, but the fact that Trump won apparently makes it illegitimate. The cancer Clinton started has turned Dems into a party of deniers.

They see fairness only when they win. When they lose, the game was rigged.”

What Nancy Pelosi probably meant by Trump’s impeachment lasting “forever” is that it will last as long as they can keep it alive, as Democrats have a long habit of doing.


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