Socialism Is On The Ballot In 2020

Socialism is very much on the ballot in the 2020 election. How could it not be?

When did this socialism takeover happen? Oh, it is not a recent discovery. It would have to go way back. But they kept that closet closed and pretty well guarded. Evidenced by how Bernie was not mainstream until recent years. He wasn’t a rock star. He was a lead weight they did not want to get too tied to.

But then you have to make an admission about the current state of Democrats. There are a lot of socialism deniers in the Democrat Party. (That is not the same as denying socialism) They can disassociate with the term socialist if they want to. They can call it progressive like they usually do. They can even deny that it is about socialism.

But that flies in the face of the truth. We can see it is all about socialism. And has been for some time. Sure they are in denial of most everything, except Bernie.

Something else is going on. Notice the lamestream media, for instance. Just look at the last few weeks. They are struggling because they really cannot address the Bernie issue. Even CNN and MSNBC frowned and danced around the fact that Bernie was gaining in the polls. Then when he started winning they were dumbstruck. Why? That is another matter.

Media were not happy and looking for anyone else they could hold up and promote besides Bernie. See all the attention that went toward Mike Bloomberg? But it is BS in reality. They bemoaned Bernie sucking up all the oxygen. They reject the idea that this is all about socialism. They searched for a way to explain it.

If they didn’t like it, they had one choice, vet him and the ideas he’s pushes like a flood. Do they do that? No.

In the last few days, they are grieving the prospect he is winning and what it means for the Party. They sit and discuss their dislike that he is cannibalizing the primaries and the entire party. (he’s had some practice and never stopped campaigning since 2016)

They gripe about it and yet do not talk about the real problem. They will not address Bernie, his character, record, or ideas. They won’t talk about his bio in depth. (this man who has smitten the base by storm) They will not address the issues he is talking about, the cost or the consequences, in depth.

His plans are dismissed like yesterday’s news and tossed into the corner. The cost is not mentioned. The foreign policy he supports is not given an airing. So why not?

Now you know, it is because all those ideas are popular and supported by people. (now anyway) So they cannot criticize the ideas because they are the main entree on DNC’s menu. Of course they are popular. He is the one bold enough to run with them like a true radical. But he does not really explain them because he doesn’t have to, with an empathetic media and cheer leading Marxists in the party.

In other words, they do not dare attack what they all believe in. They all like and believe in these things. It is incredible how they will not take on or criticize the substance of all Bernie’s plans. So they do not like the socialism label because it has a bad image.

Yet they support all the ingredients of socialism. They deny the effects, but they will not deny the ideas. It is very much them. It is nothing new.

Now the dirty little secret is out, they won’t call out the ideas. They will not address the socialism issue either. It is the last thing Democrats want to talk about. “Russia, Russia!”

So they can say they are not socialists all they want. But if they are supporting and voting for Bernie; if they support the ideas and agenda; then they are socialists just the same — no matter what they claim.

When they actively support the ideas and campaign, they are socialists. In some ways they are the worst kind because they don’t realize it. Now it’s the cool morality of socialism.

That is why we cannot say it recently happened. This is who Democrats are; Bernie finally put an end to the questions. But that is who they have been been all along though there was a cognitive denial about it. Bernie already had commies and socialists onboard.

Yet they endorsed all the ideas and basic tenets of socialism for years. The closet is now open and the skeletons loom larger than life.

Right Ring | Bullright || ©2020

9 comments on “Socialism Is On The Ballot In 2020

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  3. libertarian1970 says:

    After ‘Conservatives’ chose John “Liberal Maverick” McCain & Mitt “New England Progressive” Romney over Ron “Better Than The Founders” Paul…I realized they were complete and utter LIARS who had no interest in advancing a Liberty agenda.


    • Bullright says:

      McCain and Mitt are real conservatives? Who knew? That’s what you call a straw man. Paul? Well, to each his own.


      • libertarian1970 says:

        About 1 out of every 10 Republican Primary voters chose Ron Paul in 2008 & 2012.

        ‘Conservatives’ were allegedly concerned w/immigration in 2008 yet chose John “Open Borders/Amnesty” McCain.

        In 2012 when Obamacare repeal was the alleged priority y’all chose Mitt “Father Of ACA” Romney.

        These are facts, but of course a Progressive like yourself NEVER takes responsibility!


        • Bullright says:

          I didn’t choose McCain and I sure didn’t pick Mittens but that is the problem. You sure are dumping all your attacks in a heap. Not sure what to make out of that. Progressive? Right….the purist Paulinista rhetoric only goes in one direction.

          I could do much the same about what Libertarians have done.


          • libertarian1970 says:

            The Sad Legacy of Ronald Reagan


            (***Apparently incapable of rational discussion.)


            • libertarian1970 says:

              Just pointing out that when I posted evidence of Israel having at least foreknowledge of (if not an active role in) the 911 attacks, Bullright’s only reaction was to edit my post & cite the ADL (a Jewish/Israeli Supremacist Org.) in an attempt to discredit the source I posted.

              He showed not the slightest concern for America & like most other ‘Conservatives’ he plugs his ears up w/his thumbs and yells “La-la-la-la-la, I can’t hear you!” when it comes to Israeli aggression against America.


              Note :Reagan did things I didn’t like and that what shocks you? The la la land is in your head.


            • Bullright says:

              >>”Just pointing out that when I posted evidence of Israel having at least foreknowledge of (if not an active role in) the 911 attacks”<< SOOOOOOOOOOOOO…..

              Hey smart ass, who the hell was talking about 911? Your plug and play shit ain't playing here.

              Not a good way to start a convo with pre-loaded accusations toward someone.What a genius you are! Libertarian??? ha. You don't even know discussion. You're a cut and paste freak.



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