Balls, Strikes, Winners And Losers

As the primaries go off across the country, in state after state, the media will be calling the results like usual. With all the pomp and determination that involves. But the people will be calling the real winners and losers this time – not the media tally boards.

Those will be the real results, like them or not media, because the arrogance of the MSM has severely soiled its collective reputation. But have no fear, the people will judge the outcome and it may not be pretty. Hold the confetti and champagne. We’ll let you know.

And the same people (us) will be there all the way up until the November elections to call winners and losers. Media may report elections, but the people will determine the real results this time. Thank you very much. Press can pretend to have the final say.

So that makes the press/media one of the biggest losers at the polls this election year.
Their cred is shredded. But we are still here and kicking, taking names, keeping score.

Right Ring | Bullright


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