Joe Biden can’t make it up

….or could he?

Joe Biden arose from slumber to find himself on trial.
His offense? Not being sufficiently woke yet…
and about the only Democrat who isn’t.

Biden finally found a shovel-ready job. His retirement.

Joe Biden has no real plan for America. But that’s okay,
because America has no plans for Joe Biden.

Joe wants to create a new infrastructure bill.
Hunter Biden’s structured payments have ended.

Joe wasn’t too sure about defunding police.
So Democrats are defunding the Biden family.

Joe doesn’t do news much anymore.
Well there isn’t anything new with Joe for years.

Biden says Coronavirus reminds him of his old girlfriend.
He said “now there was a super-spreader.”

Joe doesn’t swim in the nude anymore
He can’t remember how.

Joe says he doesn’t have memory problems.
His biggest problem now is forgetting.

After emerging from the basement with his mask,
A Hollywood director wants him for Hannibal Lecter.


We can confirm Stacey Abrams will be the next VP.
Well, she already pretends to be Gov of Georgia.

{pic from Twitter]


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