Structural Inconsistencies

Structural and systemic racism are the rage, as white privilege is drummed into our heads. But people do not seem fooled. A recent Rasmussen poll found more Americans believe that blacks are more racist than whites. How can that be?

“Just 15% say [the term “racism”] refers only to discrimination by white people against minorities.”

But that is not what we are told. Is that why they are trying so hard to convince us?

Rasmussen also found that:

“When it comes to the violent anti-police protests that continue in several major cities, most voters are sure of this: President Trump sides with the cops, while Democratic leaders line up with the protesters.”

So, can the people really be that smart? Where’s the rub?

“Voters strongly agree with President Trump’s decision to end an Obama-era regulation intended to push low-income housing into more affluent neighborhoods in the name of racial diversity.”

“For blacks (63%), the racial or ethnic make-up of their neighborhood was much more important than it was to whites (35%) and other minority voters (44%).”

“Eighteen percent (18%) say most white Americans are racist. But 25% believe most black Americans are racist.”


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